Fang Hao said modestly:“I didn’t do anything,Just paid a little money,The main result is the general manager Zhao you sent,He is the hero。”

“You don’t have to be humble,”Zhao Jiajiadao,“I know Yang Jun’s ability,Not incapable,But it didn’t reach that point,Many people can do what he can do,But what you can do,Ordinary people can’t do it。If it wasn’t for you to promote that mask,That mask is produced,Still slow。He can’t change this situation,But you changed,So you are the real hero。”
What she said is the truth。
The same mask,Can’t sell in the hands of others,Can only be stacked in the warehouse。
Yang Jun’s management ability is stronger,He has no way to change this situation。
If it wasn’t for Fang Hao to promote it online,Drive so many fans and passersby to buy,How many masks are produced,How much money will you lose,In the end, I can only let Gu Mu come to the bottom。
It’s not that Gu Mu can’t afford such a loss,Just doing that kind of nonsense,There are still some risks after all。
It’s sold clean and plain like this,That’s the real achievement。
Gu Mu also said:“This guy has no other abilities,The ability to carry goods is quite strong。I think he made a live broadcast room to live broadcast the goods,More money than publishing books。”
Fang Hao smiled and said:“Only occasionally succeeded in bringing the goods,Too much,Not comparable to those professional。”
What he said is also the truth。threek
My leek garden is the size,Develop several products,The number of leeks that can be cut。
Develop dozens of products,Leeks that can be harvested,Not much more。
Develop hundreds of products,There won’t be much growth,On the contrary, profits will decrease due to increased costs。
Only so much potential,All dug up,That’s it。
Gu Mu only looked at his ability to carry goods once or twice,I thought I had that ability every time,I take it for granted。
Fans don’t have so much money for him to harvest every day。