Fujian improves the full life cycle performance management of PPP projects

Fujian Perfect PPP Project Full Lifecycle Performance Management Source: [] "Implementation Rules" sets three-level quantitative indicators based on different stages of construction period or operation period, and sets the evaluation index system for different evaluation target classification. For example, for project companies, set up completion acceptance, sustainability, fund management and other indicators in PPP project construction, highlight the quality of project construction and the use of funding; set up economic indicators such as project operations, social environmental impacts, etc. in the project operation period. Effect indicators, as well as project normative management and management indicators, multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation projects of economic and social benefits.

PPP project performance evaluation results will be used as an important basis for effective payment, implementation of rectification, supervision accountability. In order to implement the whole process performance monitoring, "Implementation Rules" clearly, PPP project performance monitoring is tracking, monitoring and management of the degree of realization of project daily operations and annual performance targets, including the degree of target implementation, target protection measures, target deviation, and correction condition.

Implementation agencies have explicitly incorporated the key indicators and performance monitoring ideas of monitoring each year, in principle, in principle, at least one performance monitoring is carried out each year.

In addition to the issue of the project company in the performance monitoring process, the monitoring results are used to evaluate the project company score based on the indicator.

The project company conducts daily work based on the indicators of performance monitoring to achieve monitoring targets, and regularly submit regular submission of monitoring results in accordance with the implementing agency.

  The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance pointed out that the introduction of the "Implementation Rules" is Fujian High Quality Promotion PPP Mode Development, Comprehensive Improvement of Project Quality, Optimizing the Management of Financial Management, will carry out the construction period and operation performance evaluation of the project. Operation guidelines help promote the quality and efficiency of projects to improve public service supply quality and efficiency. (财).