Expert: Chinese medicine has unique advantages in myopia prevention and control

[】 Recently, the "2nd China and Western Medicine Comprehensive Prevention and Control Children’s Youth Tear" The First Temple of Traditional Chinese Medicine "and the theme event", my country’s first "Chinese Medicine Prevention and Control Children’s Youth Path" (hereinafter referred to as " "Guide") is released.

Professor Chen Zefeng, deputy director of the Ophthalmology Hospital of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine should have a significant effect on the anti-control, control and treatment of different phases of myopia, and have unique advantages in the full cycle of covering myopia prevention and control.

  "Guide" pointed out that my country’s children’s adolescent myopia is generally onset, the progress is fast, the prevalence is high, and the complications are characterized. The burden, the prevention and control situation is grim.

In 2018, there was a short visual rate of primary and secondary school students in the country. It was% in 2019, which decreased a percentage point in 2018.

During the epidemic, the online classroom and other influences, and the nearby student nearby has increased by the second year, and the mid-primary midst of primary school students increased%, and the high school students increased%.

The overall near-vision rate of national children’s adolescents in 2020 increased in 2019. Professor Chen Zefeng said: "Since my country is still in the era of intellectual competition, the fact that the pressure of the classroom caused the ‘one increase in a reduction in’ bottleneck ‘in my country’s myopia prevention and control.

The specific mechanism of myopia, the specific mechanism of development is not clear, and there is no effective prevention and control measures, so that my myopia is difficult to control. "Traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in myopia prevention and control. Professor Qi Yan Feng said:" Traditional Chinese medicine has more than a thousand years of understanding, TCM emphasizes the treatment of myopia is prevention, advocating ‘unsolved first, wants to save Meng Heaven and man combined with first ‘, this is highly consistent with the principle of’ prevention, prevention and treatment, and intensive in Chinese and Western medicine. The effect of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine should be significant in different stages of myopia, control, and the treatment of the cure in the process of covering myopia prevention and control. "However, my country’s myopia prevention and control also urgently needs the theory of traditional Chinese medicine." It can be seen that Chinese medicine means for Chinese medicine, massage, 揿 needle, etc., can delay myopia development and prevent serious complications.

However, there is currently no negative control guidelines under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory.

This is also the prerequisites and important purposes of our "Guide". "Professor Qi Yanfeng pointed out. Professor Chenzhan said that myopia prevention and control is a systematic project, requiring medical education union, multi-way linkage.

The object of myopia prevention and control is a student, school and family are the main battlefield for myopia prevention and control, and grassroots medical units and school school doctors are an important executive in traditional Chinese medicine to intervene and myopia prevention and control science. This requires multi-pruning, multi-point force, comprehensive coverage, group control.

  June 6, 202, is the 26th National Love Eye Day in the country. The Baiwangshan Forum has from the National Health and Justice Committee, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Science, and the Chinese and Western Medical Ophthalmology Leadership experts and scholars attended the event.