Help the students of the students

On the morning of October 15th, a public welfare donation ceremony was held in Guizhou University, and the Maotai Group submitted 100 million donated checks. This year, this public welfare action step into the end of the year. Since 2012, the Group will join hands with the China Qingji will jointly launched the "China Moutai Guizhou Gun" hopes that the project is coming to the project, funding 100 million yuan per year, which is used to participate in the college entrance examination, and is all day The rural difficult family academic and excellent students admitted by ordinary colleges and universities have funded 5,000 yuan per person.

In Wuhan, about 1,000 kilometers away from Guoyang, 19-year-old Guizhou Girl Longjingxiu is paying attention to this donation ceremony through the network.

Soon, her bank card will have a bursary account. At the Long Jingxiu of a remote hillunity in the Southeastern Miao Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou, this year, this year, the college entrance examination took a favorite university, but a family day had a more constant. After receiving the admission notice, Longjingxiu handled a student loan. "After paying the tuition fee, only half of the problem, the toll and living expenses are still small.

"By mid-August, the days of start school are getting closer, Long Jingxiu is full of heart. When it is difficult, she submits an application to the dream actions. I applied for this public welfare to help this public welfare." The urgency of the eyebrows, the living expenses are falling, so I can learn more relieved.

"Long Jingxiu said. The story of Longjingxiu, only a micro-dream action for 10 years.

Since 2012, the project has benefited more than 200,000 students, covering more than 2,700 counties in provinces. Nowadays, Wu Dan, secretary of the second-level college entrance committee of Henan, is the first batch of helpers. In her heart, she buried a kind seed in her heart. Now she is the most common thing to do volunteer services with students, and guide more young people to participate in public welfare and give back to society.

From the helper, Wu Dan is only a member of many people.

"The dream action gradually established social funding, social practice, social service, and motivated to make a manner, incentive, students rendered their hometown in their own way, returning to society.

"Guo Mei, chairman of the China Qingji Conference".

At the 10-year results exchange sharing, the Central Secretary of the Communist Youth League said Fu Zhenbang, said that the dream action has produced a good educational effect, poverty alleviation effect, development effects and social effects have become an intergenerational transmission of poverty, service winning Deep the poverty strikes of the landmark education poverty alleviation project. Over the years, the dream of the dream has always followed the development strategy of the country to escape the poverty and rural revitalization. This year, in addition to continuing the one-time funding mode of the previous year, the project will also take 10 million yuan in a donation of 100 million yuan, and the pilot funds in Guizhou Province have helped 500 students who are in a rural revitalization. School. "We are particularly pleased, and the past 9 years has been graduated from 120,000 people who have been promoted by the students. It is in the construction of hometown and the motherland. "Li Jingren, deputy secretary, general manager of Maotai Group, General Manager, Guizhou Maotai Co., Ltd.

Originally published in the People’s Daily (12th edition on October 22, 2021).