Breaking through traditional painting techniques Xiangtan University amateur painter won patent

People’s Network Changsha On October 23rd

The patented technique is a national painting technique that is written by a pen method written. It uses mineral pigments, combined with the superposition of the ink, and solves the traditional Chinese painting green mountain water painting techniques. "Seeing ink, see color No ink ", and the application of this technique is drawn on the papermaking and silk, enhanced the spare sense and integrity of the picture.

Li Xu is the faculty and staff in the Logistics Office of Xiangtan University.

From the age of 14, he began to learn painting. For more than 40 years, it has used the spare time to create a motorcycle to write a car everywhere.

A beautiful landscape scene, flowing from his heart to the tip.

There are not many techniques for the application for patents, and from the application for patents to the certificate, Li Xu has been waiting for two years, and during the time of the email. Waiting for the process, Li Xu is very angry with the technique of exploring himself.

"From the 2004" Recalling Hometown ", I have been exploring this technique, and more coming more smoothly." As the techniques are getting more and more heart, they can not satisfy Li Xu. The pursuit of skills. He tried to apply this set of techniques to more painting materials and further challenge yourself.

On a small porcelain, Li Xu fell into a elegant landscape painting. The ink has not been dried, and Li Xu carefully took a detailed look, and his face gradually exposed satisfactory look. From the beautiful landscape painted landscape painting, painting on a few-inch square porcelain, Li Xu discovered a new world.

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