Accelerate the promotion of project construction and improve the speed of effectiveness, continuous consolidation of economic institutions to rebound

Original title: Accelerating the promotion of project construction and speeding up and improve the effectiveness of the economy and installing the economic institution. On October 20, Junhai, Junhai, the Junhai, Changchun City, to investigate the project construction.

He emphasized that the General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instruction spirit of Jilin Important Speech, fully implementing the "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, accelerating the promotion of project construction and speeding up and speeding up, and continued to consolidate the economy and stabilize the good momentum. Move towards "two to ensure a first harmony" goal.

  In the late autumn, Changchun’s various projects is busy, and the construction construction is in full swing.

The new production line of the Fushang Automobile Electronics has been put into production. Jing Junhai understands the technology and product research and development of smart cockpit, smart driving, smart travel, and network services. It emphasizes the development trend of "new four-generation" in the automotive industry, surrounding the new industrial chain, build and The ecosystem adapted to the new car will expand the development of the electronic information industry and have effectively promoted the upgrade of industrial transformation.

In the Backer Biological Vaccine Industrial Park, Overseas Medicine Intelligent Factory, Jingjun Sea Field Tracking Project Progress, requires further strengthening the standardization management of pharmaceutical enterprises, and urges companies to produce strict accordance with standard processes to ensure product quality.

Liandong U-Valley · Changchun Emerging Industry Science Park planned with intelligent manufacturing, medical equipment, special medical food, etc. Industrial chain, forming industrial agglomeration, expanding industrial scale.

At the LEL expandment and production and supporting project, Jing Junhai demanded the leading enterprises, attracting the industrial chain to the downstream supporting enterprises to settle in Jilin, and better build a complete industrial ecology. Jing Junhai is very concerned about the production and operation of the enterprise. He came to Jinhu Tire (Changchun) Company, which helped research to solve practical difficulties, emphasize that it is necessary to further strengthen the provincial enterprises to support each other, exchange cooperation, and promote the industrial supporting radius and constantly enhance the toughness of the industrial chain supply chain. In Ji Dagong Information Technology Company, Jing Junhai encourages companies to deepen cooperation with higher education colleges and research institutes in the province, insisting on all, but seek, improve flexible talents, and strive to break through a number of key Core technology actively seizes high science and technology industrial system.

  In the survey, Jing Junhai emphasized that the construction of major projects is crucial to realize the "two to ensure a lead" target task, and maintain a smooth and healthy development of the economy.

It is necessary to further increase the strength of project construction, grab the work period, solidly advance, and do a good job in winter construction, actively carry out project planning reserves next year, and ensure that the project construction is organized in the next two years. It is necessary to further increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the "major school, institution, big school, big enterprises" resource advantage, form the establishment of a government-educational research, and build a co-innovation system, focus on improving scientific and technological research and achievements. To further increase investment promotion, focus on new energy, new car, new materials, new agriculture, new e-commerce, new tourism, etc. , Constantly introducing new new energy, strengthen new models of new states. It is necessary to further increase service enterprise strength, adhere to the "government turn to enterprises, enterprises, and formulate policies and policies" including high gold, pragmatic management, effectively solve problems such as corporate financing difficult financing, truly let enterprises to invest in, comfortable business , Do things well. Wu Jingping, Hu Jiafu, Zhang Zhijun participated in the investigation.

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