Funny, Dazhou: Why is there an outward in Datan District, Northern Northern Borthbound?

Original title: There are also why the city of Dazhou, Dazhou, Dazhou, China, why is there a small exterior of Dazhou, and the citizens habitually refer to several blocks in the central city, and outside the city, and outside the west and north.

In the city, that is, the old city, three "outside" is a city new district. So why is it unique? The description of "outside", early seen in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing "Da County".

After the history of the history, the Revolution of 1911, for the safety of the guards, the provision of the Chengcheng Group, and the group is a total of eight districts, including the city, four districts. The setting of this military defense area has become the construction of the unique town, and the east is existence.

In the early days of the Republic of China, the range of eastern and outer districts also included part of the subway towns and northern outer villages.

Because the terrain of Sichuan Dong Patrong Valley in Dazhou has always been important, the famous midday in the historical, and the Mi Cang Road is here. At the east and old area of ??each other, the population under the jurisdiction over the exterior, the west, north, plus the transportation must be rushed to the first four major in the city. By 1938, the moral area was adjusted, and the northeast hometown was combined in the north and east. Cao Si-winger explained the merger: At the time, the northeast of the city was "squeezed" in the north of the north, the north and outside the north, far away from the city, far away from the city And the traffic is inconvenient, the incoming part is conducive to the integration of city defense resources. In the 1950s, Dazhou Township Township was reorganized. Northeast Township was revoked, and the northern outerway and eastward township were separated. At this time, the range of jurisdictions is adjusted, and its importance is greatly reduced.

By 1956, a new round of townships merger, and the history of the eastward township and entrance to the South, the history of "East" ended, only in the administrative construction in Dazhou, there are only north outside the north, the south and west and wealth, forming the current citizens . (He Yanshi Li Xueyan Sichuan Daily full media reporter Yuan Chenglin sorted) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.