Zhang Li: Easy to move into the "circle"

Since November, the business of the express supermarket boss Zhang Li is more popular.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, it is the peak period of her 宜 express supermarket to send and receive express packages. In this small shop in Rainbow Community, Rainbow Community, Xixiu District, Anshun City, Zhang Lizheng squatting on the ground to encode into the warehouse, and people who handade business are endless. Zhang Li, 27 years old this year, is one of the Rainbow Community Relocation Households. Rainbow communities only from Anshun Central City, is the largest rival and relocation community in Xixiu District. In 2018, 1305 homes in 15 townships (streets) in Xixiu District moved out of the mountains and came here to become new citizens in the city. Zhang Li originally lived in Xixiu District, Xinfu Township, the past and her husband in Guangdong, Zhejiang to make money.

Now, the whole family has a spacious and bright new room, and there is no tall rent, Zhang Li has a pavement in the community.

Rainbow community relies on 35 pavements in Gongchang Street, leased to the exclusive intention of 360 yuan. Not only does Zhang Li’s own store, the community opened the Children’s Knitting Factory, the Weiwang handmade gift processing factory and other well-off workshop, and more than 200 school-old women are close to work, and enjoy it.

Zhang Li’s express supermarket, now there are thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of dollars every month.

What makes her is more happy, "Working is good, you can also take care of your child." In the life circle of the new citizens of the Rainbow Community, schools, hospitals, government affairs services, bus, convenience business districts, industrial parks. Zhang Li’s child reads elementary school at the new school next to the community, and walking to school, as long as it is 5 minutes. In the community, there are nearly fruit fresh supermarkets, community hospitals, etc.

In order to let the new citizens integrate into the central city. Since May this year, many departments of Anshun City have worked together to repair the 2 bus stops to the entrance of the community.

Zhang Li said that this bus is more than 10 minutes, which is convenient! When the night came, Zhang Li, who is busy, long, finally standing.

Looking up, the community is already a lighting.

Think about the good days of being more comfortable in the future, smile, floating her young face.

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