Young people from all walks of life from all walks of life in the 19th National Session

  China Youth Network Beijing November 18 (Reporter Zhang Jianwei correspondent Huang Zhang Yue) November 8th to 11th, the sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing.

Jiangxi Communist Youth League organizes yourself in the province to learn the publication of the press conference, organize the press conference, convene a special study and discussion, and write a learning experience.

The majority of youths have said that they should study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, in response to the party’s call, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation to dedicate youth strength. Huang Guo Peng, Ministry of Publicity Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education: A country, a political party, leadership core is critical.

The Party Central Committee has a core, the whole party has a core, and the party has power. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has led the people of the whole party to carry forward the great historical subjective spirit. A well-off society, became the attribution of the people, and the core of the party, the people leader, the army commander. The Chief Party of the 19th CPC Plenary Session emphasized the "two establishment", reflecting the common wishes of all nationalities in the whole party, including hundreds of millions of teenagers, developing the party and national career in the new era, and promoting the great revival of the Chinese nation The historical process has decisive significance.

As a group cadre, we have to remember the "two establishment", transformed into the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and consciousness of "two maintenance", and constantly enhance the "four consciousness", and firm "four confidence". Do "two maintenance". To be more profoundly recognized, there is a leader of the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Any tough danger block can’t stop the pace. Any risk challenge can’t stop the great revival history process. I will fully use the specific requirements of party education to implement the "resolution", and use your heart to do your new era youth.

  Chen Cheng, secretary of the Qingshan Lake District Party Committee of Nanchang City: The long river is unstoppable.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the party, the Party Central Committee held the 19th China Plenary Session. The main task is to focus on the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. It is again unified all party thinking, firm confidence, unity Mobilization will continue to work to the second hundred years of goals.

I think this conference is two issues and deployment of General Secretary for the Party Central Committee. The two issues made by General Secretary in the ‘July 1’ celebration: See why we can succeed in the past, and how we can succeed in the future.

As a common group of cadres, I should put in-depth study of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session as the first time of the next time. First, we must take the lead in himself, and understand the spirit of the meeting, and widely promote mobilization, use a variety of publicity positions and Platform, create a strong learning atmosphere, the first time to convey the spirit of the party, the party’s instructions are in place, and further condense the young will to the construction of socialist modernization, and realize the great cause of the second hundred years of struggle.

  Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion Tourism Industrial Center, Chang Wu Tingting: The 100th Years of Party History is magnificent, the past 100 years, the party has saved a superior answer to the people, and now, in the heart of General Secretary Xi Jinping Under the leadership of the party, we set foot on the new history of the second hundred years of goals. As a head of the National Youth Civilization – Tengwang Pavilion, I know that the Communist Youth League is the party’s assistant and the reserve army. According to the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the youth members to learn the spirit of the Plenary Session, with the spirit of the Plenary. Guiding work, but also with ‘I have implemented practical things for the masses, based on job position, actively contribute youth in the tourism development, epidemic prevention and control, volunteer service and other work. Aviation Industry Hongdu Company Youth employee pays the summers: After learning the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, it has firmly determined my ideal beliefs, and firmly firmly of my truth.

It is all the struggles that the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people. Every sacrifice, everything is created, and we have our current stable life. As the employees of the aviation weapon equipment, I want to keep in mind the initial mission, bury the head, and constantly adapt to the current new changes, don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and play a pioneering role of party members.

  Ye Jianneng, Fire Rescue Station, Fang Zhimin Avenue, Fuyang County: The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a great mission that our party has a major historical conference in an important historical junction, and shoulders the great mission of the opening. After the brigade organized us to talk about communication, I deeply believe that the victory of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session will also have a very important practical significance for promoting fire rescue work.

As a fireman who joined the team for many years and the leading transformation, I deeply felt that we should shoulder the mission of the front of the team, the reform of the reform, and the historical change in the team, especially the system. New major achievements.

In the future work, I will take the red fertile soil in Fang Zhimin’s home, take responsibility, solid work, and work hard to make new work for the party and the people, and contribute to the resident economy and society.

  Huang Wei, Yan Yansheng, Youth Volunteers: The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee reviewed the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year glory process, let me understand that a generation of young people have a generation of youth, in the historical inheritance of the national and nations, youth is the times The inheritor, pick up the person.

As a young volunteer, there should be a young manager. In this new crown epidemic sniper battle in Lead Mountain County, I was in the first time. There are many people asking me, so dangerous outside, why not rest at home, but I think we have a lot of luck in the red flag, grow in the spring breeze, and my hometown is just when we need us. Only by rushing in front can we dedicate a power to fight the epidemic work.

Among the long years of life, I will continue to hone will, play their own advantages, and work together in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, and write hands in the construction of socialist modern power Jiangxi contribute youth. Peng Xiaoliang, Youth Teacher, Jiangxi University of Technology: History is witnessing, the people are looking forward to.

The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is fully summarized by the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience.

Unremissing, the road is unchanged, from today to tomorrow. There have been star sparks at this room, and they all have a good fortune.

The Chinese Communist Party was born from the crisis of the mountain river. In the war of the wind and rain, the Chinese Communist War is quenched, in the passionate socialist construction, in the wave of reform and opening up, the party group leads the people to "open the mountain open, the water frame bridge" "The squatting the revival macro drawn on the road forward. As a young teacher, I was sneaked as the party’s education, and I wrote human Chinese chapter in the journey of China’s dream. Yin Ziyi, Yin Ziyi, Youth Science and Technology College, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology: Centennial Intersection, Spreading. In the past few hundred years, the party has an excellent answer to the people to the people.

Now, the party group leads the Chinese people to embark on the new rush to achieve the second hundred years of struggle. In Beijing, the Ninth Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party of China took us to see why we can succeed in the past, and how can we continue to succeed in the future. And clearly pointed out the historical mission of the youth generation, and the youth is highly hoped.

Youth, the country, the times, the iron triangle with the shadow, and the waves of each other boost. The conference sent to youth and eagerly expect, asked the majority of young people to make the tide of the times, and relaxed struggles to achieve a Chinese dream.

I will do my best to learn my best, engage in the construction of the motherland, and don’t bear the party’s expectations. Nanchang University of Engineering, Ye Lintao: After studying the 19th China Plenary Session, I am deeply called. As a member of the young people, I have to don’t forget the glory of the suffering yesterday, and the mission of today is worthy of today, the great dream of tomorrow, in the new Create a new glory on the road. In the new era, the young people in the new era: In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has faithfully implemented the initial mission, unity leads the people of all nationalities in China to write a grand epic.

As a grassroots masses, I will closely unite around the party’s central party in the heart of the core, and fully implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, seize the opportunity, to deal with challenges. Help the revitalization of rural industries, make good technological innovation cards, increase product research and development, constantly improve product quality, build local brands, and contribute more for rural industries.