Everyone is eligible to sign up,Even if you are a member of the cooking class。

It just has to pass the test of the military competition of the whole army first,Only the best soldiers are qualified to enter the reserve in the iron and blood blade。
Yes,The best special forces can only become reserves for the iron and blood blade。
There are only a very small number of special forces that are valued by people with iron and blood.,Able to get full members directly。
It is estimated that there are only one or two in a year。
This year’s Tekken’s highest voice is He Chenguang from Sharpshooter Silian,And Wang Yanbing from the Seventh Company。
These two people are currently the most popular,It is recognized that the special forces most likely to enter http://www.jcnuv.cn the iron and blood blade。
Among all subjects,Both of these two completed the assessment with excellent results。
Starting today is the military competition of the whole army。
“Hiroko,Get up,Today is the first day of the military competition,If you are late, you will miss the first game。”
As Qin Hao’s roommate and best friend,Huang Xiaoding shook to Qin Hao。
“Didi,The host gains pure friendship,Congratulations to the host for getting a red envelope from Taishang Laojun,Strengthen the body strong activation pill。”
“Once this pill is taken,Permanently improve the host’s endurance,And increase the load and speed。”
suddenly,A dark pill appeared on Qin Hao’s right hand。
While Huang Xiaoding is getting dressed,Qin Hao swallowed this powerful activation pill, which is called physical fitness。
This Dan melts in your mouth,No smell,Then a http://www.yifanhuashi.cn burst of majestic medicinal effects radiated from the whole body。
Sure enough to keep fit,Qin Hao felt that a certain part of his lower body was now straight up。
Bulged up a big tent,Made him very embarrassed。
“how,Not out yet,It’s really late if you don’t go,”Huang Xiaoding said eagerly。