If you can succeed,He was forced to hand in hand,Even if the shares are retained,Waiting for them to enter,How do you want to pinch him?,Not all of them?

It’s problematic.……
“If he really did the performance??Then we are not smashed.?”
“how is this possible。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“Busy, we can not help,But if he really has some indication of gambling,We can drag him on his legs.。
Rumor、Wipe black、block,Or directly with the Securities Regulatory Commission,Card does not let him go public,Just think,How much is。
As long as he signed an agreement,Can you complete a gambling?,I can’t say it for him.。
The gambling in the first few phases can be completed,After all, enter the shares.,Finally, I will enter the master.,Good performance is also beneficial to us,But the last listing gambling,He is impossible to complete anyway.。”
The king is slightly talented,Like I don’t know how Zeng,I looked at him.,I am inexplicable in my heart.,Originally thought that his heart is already black,But after listening to Zhi Xiong, he discovered,A ratio with him,I am still too pure.。
Dragging legs, you can think about it.?
As long as Wu Qingdong signed a gambling agreement,You will eat him.?
Or do you eat people don’t spit the bones,Not only need to revenge him,I have to let him work free of charge.,Finally, I will give him the company.,Killing people is just like this.。
really,In black,Still you help with financial capitalists。
But I like it.!
This is called retaliation.,It’s a bit of a bitter,The king has a little expectation in the heart.,Some hesitate:“But if he doesn’t sign it.?”
After saying the king, you will react.,Know yourself,Do not sign, there is no loss to him.,I don’t have to find the two reasons.,The chance of investing him gave it,It is not hesome,This can noble him.。
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“Happened,Do you have just let me find a rejection??This is not ready-made?”
Wang traffic nodded,Suddenly, I admire him.,No matter what Wu Qingdong is not signed,They all can sit on the Diaoyutai,This plan is not missing.。
“makes sense,Then listen to you,That’s it.,I will notify Wu Qingdong。”
Wang traffic somatoes,Say the phone,I called Wu Qingdong.。
“Total Wang,How did I call me??”Telephone connection,Wu Qingdong has some fox。
“Yesterday, I didn’t say investment. I will come back.、think about it,Give you a reply?,I have just told old Zhou just now.,Zhou Zhixiong,Last time you have seen in the forum。
His research on you3Plan a very interested,Investment intention,If you have time,Go to Changfeng,You talk about it.。”Wang traffic hooks his mouth。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Hurriedly:“Really?no problem,I have time now.,You will wait,I will pass it right away.。”
“it is good,Then I am waiting for you in the company.。”Wang traffic smiled and hangs up,Then look at Zengxiong:“Proper,He will come right away。”
Zhou Zhixiong Road:“Still very positive,Then I will also go to do my homework.,Wang, you will take yourself first.。”
Wang flows up:“Busy,Do not bother me。”
Half an hour later。
Wu Qing Dongxing said over,I am full of joking,Rushing:“Total Wang,Long time。”
Wang flows back to smile:“It’s not bad,Wu Chang is very fast,Didn’t wait for how http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn long,This is the old week,You have seen you,I will not introduce it.。”
Wu Qingdong smiled:“Need not,Zhou total a last time,I still remember it now.,I haven’t seen it for a few months.,The total style of Zhou is still still。”
“you flatter me,Wu is always really still good.。”Zhou Zhi Xiang smiled,Hold a handshake。
Can you blew each other??Wang is dark,Laugh on your mouth:“The company’s business has always been an old week in the management,Now you have seen it.,Do you want to invest、How to vote,You will talk about it.。”
“it is good,3I brought it to the business development and planning plan.,I will introduce it in person with Zhou.,What is Zhou’s concerns about investment or questions?,Can be asked,I must know all。”Wu Qingdong is cool。
Zhou Zhixiong smiled:“I really have a few questions.,I want to know with Wu.http://www.jvchuan.cn,Not anxious,Sit first,If you have something, let’s sit down.。”