A group of frightened strong people suddenly like Montan,Several people ran over the bottom of the head,Then the fart rolling outward。
As for more than 100,000 yuan in the package,Where do they dare to have half a job?。
This punch is to be on himself.……Think about it。
Waiting them,Summer touched one hundred dollars to boss,Laugh,“boss,Bill, please,Keep the change, please。”
After payment,He walked to the other snack shop,Look at a middle-aged woman who is obviously the boss,Apology,Temperature temperature and。
“boss,terribly sorry,Smash your glass,How much,I pay。”
NS037chapter 宸
Two words before and after,The atmosphere around it is also loose.。
At the moment, the summer livestock is harmless.,Cool image with just now,Judging two people。
The middle-aged woman who was originally ignored quickly shook his head.,The face is a complex expression,“No need to lose money,This is not related to you。”
Summer laughs,“boss,You don’t have to be afraid,I……”
“I am not afraid。”
Not finished,The boss has interrupted him.。
Summary,Weekly sweep around around,I found that there are still many people.,Find many people and boss。
There is not much fear between their look.。
At this time,The boss is holding the accent of the field.,“Boy,As you have just said, I am going up.,Your good,That is a group of people,In addition to bullying of these people,Strong woman in the street,Pit,See who is not pleasing to the eye,It’s just a bad thing.,young people,You really have a breath of these people.,Play well。How can I have to pay with you?。”
More than summer,Even passers-by around the street。
“The boss said,Play well!”
“Be right,Why didn’t you kill the grandson?。”
The boss surrounding many snacks and booths have opened the attached,A way of solving。
I don’t know who is the head.,Someone can’t help but applaud,Turn on people with。
This applause,It’s like a wave swept,Instantly spread the whole food street。
People look at the eyes of summer,Fully admired and admired。
See this scene,Su Xiaoxiao standing on the side is moving。
She looked at the side of the summer,I want to be a scene in my electric flash.,Why,Exquisite faces have a little hot。
Inversely the summer,Facing the applause,Welcome a grateful look,He has some unknown,Feel away。
In fact,He was originally just a pit head,But did not expect this group of people to act so bad。
at this time,Suddenly a voice came。
“Little brother,Do you still hurry?。If it is late,The port of the bald head will definitely retaliate.。”
Go to the sound,The previous billiard table boss came over,Good heart reminded。
“I’m not afraid。”Summer shink,Laugh,“If they still dare to come,I will give them a breath.。”
“Boy,Don’t be stubborn。”
What did the boss of the snack shop also think,Some worry,“The bald head is now relying on the mountains.。”