Because I listened to the proposal,Cotta Wooden Night will help people with Sasuke,Pulled to different spaces,Ready to break them one by one。

As long as Dharo is not together,She is not seal the danger of her coak wood.。
And look at the three people who disappeared,Night naturally know where they went。
Just touched a touch with the big tube,Let him have not fully recovered Chakra,It is once again consumed seven or eight eight eight。
At the moment,Night, I don’t know how long the Naruto will help.,Therefore, decisively pulled out a long-awaited fairy bean.。
Fairy bean entrance,Feel the massive Chakra return on your body,The physical strength is also back to the most abundant state.。
Then, the night was opened again and finally『Dragon』,Half people’s gesture,In an instant, the only thing in the field also keeps awake in Cardi instantaneous dumbfounded。
Lava world,Naruto faces the chasing of the big tube,It can be described as a bitterness。
A large amount of shadow is in the instant, it has been played.,Although the coastal wooden glow night battle level is not good,But the power of people is real。
And in the small world built in these blood,Castle Wooden Night has natural integration power。
In these small worlds,Casic Wooden Mountain can control everything here,Even no need to use tolerance,Rely on the respective natural conditions here,Can let the Naruto caught in hard work。
A large number of lava in the hand of each other,It is like a life of life.,The overlay is swept toward the Naruto,The shadow is like a generality of paper passers.,Basically, no one round。
Don’t say that each other,Light is consuming,The other party can done him。
And want to be close to each other,I haven’t imagined that simple,Apart from“Huangquan”Space-space skills,Previously bullish,Also let the Naruto stir。
Ordinary shadow is attacked,Will only become a white fog dissipation,And just, his shadow is eating this trick.,Actually, I will gradually disintegrately disintegrate.,Even the memory does not return to his mind.。
Because of the cause of being tired,Naruto is finally revealed a flaw,And a lot of melt is like a huge behemoth opened.,Unrecognizable will swallow him。
Eyes can seal the Ashura, one of the nights, one of the nights.,Darkness is almost, no smile。
But I haven’t come yet, I am happy.,I saw that the hot melt is actually turned black at the speed visible to the naked eye.,Then gradually frozen。
When the temperature is lowered, the frozen magma column is broken.,In addition to the Naruto,More three people,It’s just a night.、Sasuke with Kakasi。
Kakasi used the use of Justice,So there is some low breath at this time.,Because the night is, they don’t know the small world of the Naruto.,So I can only gamble.。
Fortunately, I only used three times.,They not only find Sasuke,I have also found the Naruto.。
Seeing everyone here,It is quite surprised to start,But after seeing Kakasi’s eyes,I don’t think it’s strange.。
“Mother adult,The writing of the white-haired ninja has the ability to open space,It is best to solve him first.。
And his strength is much weaker than other than other people.,Want to solve him, it is easy to deal with others。”
But at this time the big torch,Obviously didn’t hear the words,Instead, put your eyes on the night of the night.。
Because she is surprised to find,Now she is in front of her,More than the shape of the form,And even the Chakra has risen several times again.!
Chapter 864 Three tasks that have changed
No, no recovery of Chakra’s night,Let the big torch,What’s more, he is now not only Chakra completely recovered.,And also used『Dragon』Woolen cloth。
Unfair,Night now, Chakra,It is no longer weaker than the big tube Huachang Night this Chakra’s ancestors.。
And at the moment of chaklila,How to endure someone Chakra to compete with her。
“Naruto, first restore Chakra,Let me first deal with her,Then wait for her to expose the flaw,Finding opportunities to seal her。”
At this time, the night is inciting the dragon wings behind it.,Along with a burst of humming,The night of the night suddenly appeared in front of the big tube。
Colloidal wooden glory controls the surrounding magma,Trying to form a barrier against the night,But the pawl on the night hand,Hot magma exactly frozen。
The claws not only tear magma,Even the narrow brighteps of the night,Out of a white arm。
“Ice dragon’s roaring!”
The dragon magic power under the dragon is greatly improved.,Snowstorm,Even the hot lava world temperature plunged instantly,Most of the melt is actually frozen at this moment.。
Previous lava could not afford the attack of the night,So this time the big tube is wave,A huge view of jade is directly in front of her.,Blocking the violent blizzard。
And to resist the snowy jade,Not disappeared in the first moment,But within a short time,The speed of expansion is getting bigger,Soon, it is like a general size of meteorites.,And smashed down at night。