Heavy reaching 9kg Alaska 100-year gold block will be auction $ 1 million

  According to the British "Metropolitan News" reported on November 15, a rare gold block of a baby-headed size will be sold at $ 1 million (about RMB 6.35 million) after 23 years. It is reported that this 100-year gold block that weighs about 20 pounds (about 9kg) is found in 1998 by the gold miners Barryclay found in the Swift Creek in Alaska. At that time, CLAY was under the coast of the Swiftcreek Mining. Later, he found 1896 London gold precious relics and discovered this gold block. This discovery is a creative discovery, and created history .

According to records, this is the largest gold block discovered in Alaska, only a little bit more than the major 24 pounds of "Collste’s boots" found in Mexico.

  This Alaska’s 100-year gold block was sold to a private collector, has been collected by him, and this seller who purchased this gold block from Clay before 20 years ago, now I am selling this piece of Dallas’s Heritage Auction Company. Gold blocks, and there are still many other precious collections. The Natural and Scientific Director of the Heritage Auction Craigkissick and the Executive Deputy Director Joemaddalena show this gold block on YouTube, Kissick said: "I think it should be collected in the Smithsoni learning, because this is a groundbreaking gold block.

An ounce gold block is even more rare than a 5-carat diamond ring, and there has never had such a rare gold specimen on the auction, and the gold block of this width and diameter is unlikely again.

"(China Youth Network Compilation Report).