Hainan 6 departments jointly released illegal fund-raising risk tips such as "virtual currency"

  On June 3, Hainan Provincial Local Finance Supervision Bureau, the People’s Bank Haikou Center Branch, Hainan Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Committee Network Office, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly released the "virtual currency" block chain "Nominal risk tips for illegal fund-raising, reminding financial consumers and investors in the province to strengthen risk prevention, enhance risk identification, and consciously resist the illegal financial activities related to the distribution of loops," virtual currency ". Recently, some criminals have a "digital asset" "Virtual Money" "block chain" "digital asset", "investment rebate", "保 保 保 收", etc., to trick investors to buy "× × currency" "× × beans" The "virtual currency" absorbed public funds, and the "Announcement on Preventing Currency Release Finance Risk" issued by the People’s Bank of China, is suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities, seriously disrupting economic financial order. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, prevent the resolution of financial risks, and 6 departments in Hainan Province issued risk tips. In the risk prompt, any organization and individual in Hainan Province must not illegally engage in the distribution of financing activities; any so-called business finance trading platform shall not carry out legal currency and Currency, "virtual currency" exchange business, do not buy and sell Or as a central opponent buy and sell the book or "virtual currency", it is not available to the Currency or "Virtual Money" to provide services, information intermediary, etc., financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions must not be directly or indirectly distributed Virtual currency provides an account opening, registration, transaction, liquidation, settlement and other products or services, and must not undertake insurance business related to the loop and "virtual currency" or incorporate the loop and "virtual currency" in the range of insurance liability.

  Hainan Provincial Financial Management, Net Letter Management, Public Security and Market Supervision, etc. will increase the supervision of "virtual currency" transactions, first loop issuance (ICO) and phase-changing ICO, comprehensive application of on-site interview, administrative survey, and blocking The website, criminal registration, etc. will be hit.

  The risk reminder specifically mentioned that Hainan Provincial Financial Institutions and non-bank payment institutions have discovered the illegal clues for the illegal clues of the financing transactions, and should be reported to the relevant departments; all kinds of financial industry organizations should have a good policy interpretation, and urge membership unit to consciously resist The illegal financial activities related to the "virtual currency" related to the "virtual currency", strengthen investor education, jointly maintain normal financial order.

  Provincial financial consumers found various types of ICO variant and continued to carry out ICO and "virtual currency" trading services for domestic residents through deployment of overseas servers, collect and preserve relevant information, evidence, and actively report to relevant regulatory authorities . For those suspected of illegal crimes, they can be reported to the public security organs. (Editor: Pan Hui Wen, Chen Haiyan).