People’s fast comment: Who should participate in desert adventure? 16-year-old students?

According to reports, recently, a 16-year-old high school student participated in the desert adventure activities organized by the China Adventure Association, unfortunately killed. The official Weibo of China Explorer has confirmed this matter, promised to "undertake the corresponding responsibility, strive to be as early as possible, properly handle the post-good matte".

Only 16 years old, life painting roll is slowly fake, and the flower sample is like this, bringing the endless mourning, bringing the whole society, can’t stop. Is this desert adventure legal compliance? Let the minors participate in this desert adventure project with certain hazardous nature, who gives organizational courage? According to reports, when the incident, the students involved in the past fell to the ground. In this process, the team leader still did not pay enough attention until they lived. At the same time, it is reported that this adventure activity is accompanied by no team. If the report is true, the organizer has a non-shirle responsibility. The problem is that people can’t help, what is the responsibility of the organization? The Ministry of Education has issued many times to notify the ban on commercial publicity activities to enter campus and require education administrative departments and schools. According to reports, in June this year, the China Adventure Association preached a desert hike in schools involved in students. Regardless of whether the desert adventure is legal, the school allows commercial publicity activities to enter campus and is undoubtedly worth discussing.

Adventures have no original sin, but in the development of expedition must be exhaustive to ensure safety, but do not allow students to assume risks and dangers.

According to relevant promotional materials, the event time is April 3, 2021, and the cost is 22,500 yuan. The cost is not Philippine, but there is no basic security, there is no sound response program, which is the disappointment of the parents of the students, and it is also an irresponsible for life. Of course, what is the specific truth looks like, the police have been involved in the investigation, and they will finally fall. The death of life is regrettable, and it is also sigh. While waiting for the truth, I hope that the relevant organizers really fear life, don’t contempt for the benefits, I also hope that the relevant departments will take responsibility, increase supervision, and do not let similar tragedy replay. (Editor: Wei Simin, Songyuan) Sharing let more people see.