“How can this……”The old demon’s words haven’t finished yet,There was a humming noise in the corridor,Zhang Zhiqiang turned his head in shock,I found a swarm of bees came flying,Scurrying around in the corridor like headless flies。

Zhang Zhiqiang observes,This is a real bee,But this time suddenly appeared,Too weird?“not good,The police outside the door may attack at any time,Let Huo Jianjun not come to meet again,It should be ready to do it in the town immediately。”
“Let go?”The old demon was taken aback,Actually more painful,Huo Jianjun dared to do this,I’m afraid it will soon be blasted into dross by the dense thunder in the hands of mortals,The cultivation base of this clone is far behind Wang Xiang,But just broke through the second level,Even the blood core can hardly escape annihilation。
“How about?Let’s die here together?”Zhang Zhiqiang sneered,Will never give the old devil a chance to consider it in detail,He didn’t even look at the Wang Xiang who was about to break through,Because the dying person is not worthy。
And the Wang Xiang at this moment,Half-human, half-pig-headed face is extremely evil,It closed its eyes tightly,There is a compelling red light above my head,That light and shadow is the image of a troll,Actually have three heads,Each head has two coiled horns,The face is like a cow and a rhinoceros,The huge fangs are very vicious,Slender bear back,Strong and strong lower limbs,Extremely sturdy,From the light and shadow revealed a wild and desolate breath。
“Its blood body is three stone face demons!”The old devil became nervous with a low cry,The clone breakthrough is imminent,If you are attacked by someone from outside at this time, you will lose all your efforts,Now it seems to have become a protector of Huo Jianjun or a protector of the king。
Chapter six hundred and eighty eight Town attack
“I felt them!”
’Big earthworm’very excited,Anxious to show merit to Li Tianchou,“In the north,About a hundred miles away,not one,Are two,Not right,Not two,should be.what?”
Li Tianchou plans,Baishili,Which is forty to fifty kilometers,Already outSZcity,According to previous impressions,Should be Jinghai,It makes sense for clones to converge north,It seems as the instructor said,Their goal should go to the Zhang family。
“you’what’what?How many?”
“Should be two。”’Big earthworm’Not confident,Its front end is very high,As if trying to catch something,“But there seems to be a strange breath,Vaguely,No more now。”
Li Tianchou’s expression became serious,No leaf knife in hand,One is not difficult to deal with,But two or three piles up is difficult,It’s hard to kill the opponent’s vitals,And very good at disguising and hiding,Once the opportunity is lost,Will leave a big hidden danger。