Spring Heart Soup with Leek, Corn and Egg Custard

Spring Heart Soup with Leek, Corn and Egg Custard

The rain and fog were heavy and people couldn’t help feeling down.

There are many ways to be happy, chat with friends, do sports, or make a cup of tea, watch a DVD at home, or go for a meal, which is the most primitive human need?

In this kind of weather, drinking a bowl of fragrant and refreshing soup is the most pleasant. Look at the chives, corn and egg custard we are going to recommend today.

  ● Liangtang Xinshui This time, I chose super sweet corn with yellow and white corn kernels, and the soup tastes sweeter.

  Picture / Wen Xiaoxi Seasoning: Oil: 1 tablespoon starch: 1 tablespoon (reconstituted with cold water) salt: proper amount: 1.

Wash the chives, choose well, and cut about 2 cm in length; remove and wash the sweet corn, and cut out the corn kernels with a knife; 2.

2. Wash the shiitake mushrooms with water and softly slice them; scoop the eggs into a bowl and beat into egg liquid; 3.

Wash the lean meat, slice it first, then chop it, and pickle with a small amount of starch and salt; 4.

Put 5 bowls of water in the pot, boil the oil, add corn kernels and shiitake mushrooms, and roll for 15 minutes; add leek and minced meat, cook for a few minutes, add egg liquid, cut apart, pour in water starch, and wait until cookedSeason with salt.

  Efficacy: refreshing appetizers, dehumidification and liver, promote digestion.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall Leek Leek is a “transformation” of leek. It is “treated” during planting. When the leek is unearthed, cover it with something to prevent it from getting sunlight.It grows completely in the dark and cannot produce photosynthetic chlorophyll, so the leaves begin to change from green to yellow, and then turn into leeks.

Compared with leeks, leeks are more tender and fragrant, and less flavorful, so they are also more popular.

However, in contrast, chives have less therapeutic effects than chives. Chives have the nickname “Qingyangcao” to replenish qi and impotence, but chives are less effective, but they also have stomach-invigorating, refreshing, and warming effects.

  Chives still win more by taste. It is very suitable for quick-fry, fried fragrant, fried pork, fried shrimp are common dishes in the family, chives and fried eggs are classic, tender and delicious.

The main point of fried chives is fast, because it is easy to ripen and easy to water, it will get old after a little while, affecting the taste.

  In Cantonese-style tea restaurants, you can often see the appearance of leek, because it tastes sweet and has a bit of spicyness. When it is heated, it emits aroma and easily penetrates into soup porridge. Therefore, if you order silver silk noodles, Yaozhu porridge, etcMost people will see chopped chives floating on it, and some people have an appetite.