New ways to create you truly white

New ways to create you truly white

Imagine that your face is still radiant, delicate and fair, except in the afternoon . and every day.

Xiao Bian tells you now, what are the whitening spots this year?

What new method will help you really get white!

  Preventive whitening Every year, makeup brands are looking for new ways to whiten. What’s new in 2009?

  This year, the Dior Snow Crystal Brightening Brightening Collection uses an innovative technology-translucent brightening complex (T.



TM), contains 5 types of full-effective whitening ingredients.

Directly dilute pigments, patented transformation technology for uniform skin tone and oleate complex-2 technology, which work together to convert tyrosinase (catalyst in melanin production) into harmless impurities in the skin to reduce melaninProduced; sensitive to harm, whitening soothing factor provides stronger protection of DNA and prevents pigmentation due to oxidation; white lupin extract enhances skin’s water storage capacity and makes cells fuller; spiraea and broccoliThe extract purifies the skin, tightens pores, and tightens skin structure.

  Among the 6 new Xuejingling products that are newly listed, in addition to the star single product whitening and brightening essence, it is very worth trying. There is also a touch of refreshing bright moisturizing cream and delicate snowflake emblem.Bright powders are wonderful items that add points to whitening care.

  Regarding the new trend of full-effect whitening, the Minister of South Korea’s Amore Pacific Institute of Technology also extended a similar view. He pointed out that only the combination of multiple methods is the most reliable way to treat pigmentation.

The choice of a product depends entirely on whether it has a powerful whitening formula, and more on whether it contains ingredients that can promote skin resistance and recovery, the so-called preventive whitening.

  Preventive whitening is popular in Korea. It combines whitening with sun protection, maintenance and repair, with the goal of healthy skin and fairness.

Just like Laneige whitening and clearing freckle essence, in addition to containing ursolic acid, coenzyme Q10 and other antioxidant ingredients, it also uses melanin “suspension” information interference technology to inhibit melanin production, and at the same time increases the components that degrade cell self-care, Concentrately fade stubborn spots.

  Anti-UV whitening, you must have experienced exposure or lack of oxygen, right?

Shiseido research found that to fundamentally improve pigmentation, we must first address chronic skin inflammation.

  For example, sunburn is the uncontrollable pigmentation caused by slight inflammation of the skin caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.

Tranexamic acid, the active ingredient of blood agents used by the medical community, can improve chronic weak inflammation unique to pigmented spots and inhibit melanin overproduction.

Aupres Multi-Purple Whitening Beauty Liquid suppresses melanin production in multiple levels through tranexamic acid, alkaline vitamin C and ginger extract.

  When it comes to anti-inflammatory, it is necessary to mention the Swiss brand La Prairie. A few years ago, La Prairie conducted in-depth explorations in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-glycation.

Recently, based on absorbing research results, they launched two new products, Triple Whitening Concentrate and Whitening Day Protection Milk SPF25, to combat skin oxidation, reduce attenuation and reduce pigmentation.

The key ingredients of the essence include ozone protection essence, white tea essence, vitamin C glycol and anti-fat brown essence, repairing the damage to DNA and skin eggs caused by oxidation.

The protective milk contains nano bright particles, vitamin C and licorice, strengthens the UV protective barrier, nourishes and reduces fine lines.

  Yuxi also found that Chinese women’s melanocyte dendritic tissue is continuous, so melanin replacement is easier and more likely.

Using ferulic acid, peony skin and vitamin CG can slow down melanin replacement.

Bai Linglong Huanbai Essence will create a “livable” ecological environment for the skin, block free radicals, and provide protection for pigmentation repair.

It is recommended that you follow the habit of slow-maintenance in the east style and stick to it every day to achieve whiteness steadily.

  The occurrence of multi-angle whitening spots has the most direct relationship with pigment cells.

It is the most commendable technical point of the new whitening products to use a variety of ingredients that exert whitening effects in different performances.

  For example, Lancome launched a 360 ° full-featured whitening formula, which suppresses the resonance caused by ultraviolet rays and controls melanin activity through peppermint and rose extracts; crocetin, licorice extract and NO inhibitors, suppress emotional stress-type stains and reduce tyrosinasesynthesis.

The highlight of the overall Lancome Smart Whitening series is the Smart Key Whitening Essence. If you are being discarded by obvious spots, don’t miss it.

  Estee Lauder notices that the spots are different and the way of whitening is different.

If it is only uneven skin tone, the brightening whitening intensive repair essence mask contains alabaster powder that can absorb dirt like a magnet and purify the skin; for the small color spots near the open pores, the brightening whitening mask has a high concentration of N acetic acid.
Glycosamine can promote metabolism and lighten pigmentation. As for the stubborn pigmentation caused by aging, the brightening and whitening cream contains concentrated translucent protein and melanin dissolving technology. As long as a small amount of light pat on the spots, you can gradually melaninDissolves into imperceptible fine particles.

  Biotherm this time has a two-pronged approach, absorbing precious red algae from the coast of France and inhibiting the activity of melanin-converting protein; Soul PTPTM enhances the cell’s antioxidant power, effectively promotes the growth of new cells, and makes the skin surface fresh and pure.

  SK-II Double Freckle Mask Pack is also very innovative.

First apply a small piece of focus freckle patch to the surface of stubborn spots, and then cover the deep repair mask to lock in and release a high concentration of whitening essence.

After 5 days of continuous use, the spots faded.

  Those who like simple maintenance, don’t miss Neutrogena’s fine white glow.This bottle of day cream also contains active whitening compound essence and anti-ultraviolet technology. Its rich and non-greasy cream can inhibit the growth of melanin, whiten the skin tone, and take into account the broad spectrum of UV protection and prevent stains.

  Medical skincare expert Weizi’s whitening direction is to stop melanin from being synthesized before starting from the more melanin inside the body, replacing melanin generation; and aiming at the pigmentation, whitening from the inner layer to the outer layer.

  L’Oreal Paris Snow Whitening Whitening Pure Pure Milk, launched in April, continues the dual-tube technology, which can inhibit melanin production from the source through advanced inhibition of black factors; instead, the far-infrared energy released by newly added tourmaline ultrafine particles can activate microvascular circulationTo make ethnic health pink.

  Every time the intensive whitening is changed, the skin is either dry or sensitive, and always has a little temper.

Maybe you don’t know yet. Seasons change, which is a good time for whitening.

  Chanel recently proposed such a theory that when the seasons change, the high concentration of active ingredients and powerful whitening formulas of intensive whitening products can continuously regulate the skin state and regulate the secretion of melanin in a short period of time.

And this process, like the training before the game, although short, but very effective.

  For 28 days of continuous use of Chanel Whitening Intensive Spot Brightening Essence, 28 single-packs containing 1 ml of whitening concentrated essence, apply it every night after the essence water and before the night cream, and replace it daily.One day, the melanin fades, and the skin is gradually translucent and smooth.

  Plant skincare expert Clarins Clarins has launched a clear and whitening anti-wrinkle combination that has been used intensively for 21 days. It is applied two times at a time to restore the skin damaged by urban pollution and stress.

Peggy Cheng, Clarins Asia Pacific PR and Training Manager, specially reminded that this set contains cherished Himalayan snow lotus essence, super antioxidant and anti-pigmentation, block free radicals, delay aging, repair and whiten skin.

Due to the scarcity of raw materials, this set of products uses the method of registration and reservation and limited sales, and the price is 1280 yuan.

  Different from the usage of the above two, Guerlain has set a weekly goal for whitening. It contains a new generation of radiant pearl lily complex essence completely deep whitening intensive care essence, as a set of alternatives, which removes deep melanin in the first week.Dilutes stains, suppresses stains in the second week, and keeps moisturizing.

Use in 14 minutes morning and evening. In addition to applying on the entire face, you need to pat with fingertips at the spot to enhance the penetration of essence.

  Sun protection whitening new sunscreen will dispel your worries about light aging and skin tanning.

Magnolia Oil recently launched “All-around Sun Protection King”-a clear sunscreen and sunscreen with SPF30 and PA3 + sun protection guarantee to resist UVB which gradually leads to tanning, causing pigmentation and UVA + with light aging and UVA + with a wavelength close to that.Long-lasting skin protection.

Sun Yu, a senior skin care expert at Procter & Gamble in Greater China, said that its oil-water separation formula reduces oil content and increases breathability.

In the hot season, reduce sebum production and let the skin breathe freely.

  The skin medicine skin care brand La Roche-Posay, in the new daily isolation lotion (rejuvenation type), uses a full-wavelength sunscreen isolation system of Mexoryl wheat color filter to avoid the damage of UVA to collagen fibers in ultraviolet rays, so that you no longer suffer from photoagingWorried and worried.

  Massage to make whitening more profound. I must remember that when you push the skin care products, keep the gentle and slow method, the benefits of the product can add value.

Some whitening products designed for dull skin require simple massage techniques. Do n’t worry about the complexity of the massage. The core of Shiseido ‘s Youlai summary of the massage is nothing more than: ● Relax and go smoothly.

  ● Use the middle finger and ring finger to touch the part to be massaged.

  ● From bottom to top, from the middle to both sides, vortex circular massage.

  ● The eye area is extremely sensitive and should be treated as gently as possible.