“Be right,The venom speed is so fast,Attacking the geese is definitely。”

“Poison snake bites the goose,Goose is estimated.,What do you think?!”
soon,A question of a question in the live broadcast。
“Why do you know why the goose is not afraid??”
Shen Xuan is not angry,Continue to explain,“In the eyes of the goose,Humans are very small,Snake this creature,In the eyes of the goose,Just as the ants of people,Antique,Beans will be afraid of snakes?”
So much,People in the live broadcast are the same as listening to myth.。
“Come,Come,You don’t believe,That is optimistic.!”
Shen Xuano’s nature does not continue to explain,I rushed my grandeon to the vegetable field.。
“呱 呱……”
This is called,The snake in the vegetable field is like a big enemy,Run out,In one piece,Do not swallow the Snake Son,It seems like a particularly horrible thing.。
Goose still calls,I also found a group of snakes in the vegetable field.,even,Also open your wings,Pounce,Long neck stretches in front,Call。
finally,A glasses king snake can’t help but,Tour a few meters forward,Swallow,It seems that I want to drive my beans away.,Declare your sovereignty!
NS113Chapter Capital
Chapter 113
“This is the glasses king snake,Goose may not be able to。”
“The snake has two meters long,You see that body,Thick is not like!”
“Let the big goose come back?,Waiting for a white and white!”
People in the live broadcast saw this scene,I persuaded it.,I hope that Shen Xuan quickly took the goose back.,otherwise,Beans are dangerous。
“嘎嘎……呱 呱……”
Goose’s head,Looking at the glasses king snake,It means not to return,on the contrary,Calling more joyful。
“Don’t worry,Goose brother is not easy to retreat easily!”
Shen Xuan said faintly:“Wooden snake in the district,What is I am worried?,You are too small.!”
“Fart,The glasses king snake is a poisonous.,When you bite one, you will finish.。”
“I see Xuan brothers, I don’t care about the safety of Goose.!”
“Vicious anchor,I want to let the glasses kraft snakes.,You just kill the snake.?”
Many people have guess,even,I have begun to suspect that Xuan Ge’s character.。
Really unable!
Shen Xuan looked at the barrage,I don’t look at it.,This does not understand anything in the keyboard.,Just here。
There is no common sense.!