“Damn!President Xia laughed。We both seem to be a little fatter,But please rest assured,We will be able to restore the body to its original state soon,Absolutely maintain a good professional image”

Chen Guohua said with a serious face。Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but laugh。
First2474chapter Exchange blood
Xia Jian made Ruan Lingna’s arrangements simpler,Even if he said that,But the food on the table is still very rich。Already served,Xia Jian can’t say much,Anyway, they are also to entertain him。
Because Xia Jian is driving,So alcohol is definitely not allowed,Ruan Lingna had to drink with Xia Jian。Chen Guohua in front of Xia Jian,Seems more cautious,Ruan Lingna is very lively,Dare to make any jokes in front of Xia Jian。
Three people are talking about work,While eating。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,He didn’t want to adjust the management staff here,But Ruan Lingna is not willing。
Xia Jian is very puzzled by Ruan Lingna’s actions,But listen to her,Then understand。It turned out that Hongchuanhe Hot Spring has been opened since,There are many old employees here。But some people do it for a long time,Became an old fritters,Not enterprising all day,Think of it as a place to mess around。
Ruan Lingna wants to pass this merger,Clear some people out,Put on fresh blood。Of course,The advantage of this is to facilitate management。
Xia Jian thought about it:“Ok,I understand what you mean。After I return to the group,I’ll let Vice President Guan send you a message in person,Carry out a full assessment,Eliminate some people who don’t do things out”
What Xia Jian said,Ruan Lingna is so happy。But Xia Jian from Chen Guohua’s face,I didn’t see how happy he was。
“Manager Chen!Do you have any comments on what Manager Ruan did??Say it if yes,Today is the three of us eating together,Also discuss,What’s wrong,We can improve”
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Guohua,Smiled and said。
Chen Guohua sighed and said:“Is such that。There are two or three people on my side,At that time, a vice president of Dongsheng Group personally called and arranged to come in。These two have a backstage in Qingshan County,I’m afraid there will be problems if you move them”
“What’s the problem?Manager Chen,You can’t be so indecisive。some things,Can’t bear it blindly。What do we do,I can’t let two rat shit spoil a pot of soup, right?!”
Ruan Lingna was upset when she heard it,She said angrily。