Emerging sports in college, do you play

Emerging sports in college, do you play

Host’s words The university campus never refuses fashion and freshness. Recently, the equestrian sport as a special performance attracted everyone’s attention at the sports meeting on the Songjiang campus in Shanghai. The news that Shanghai and foreign will soon establish an equestrian association also attracted a large number of studentscurious.

In fact, mountaineering adventures, extreme sports, karate, baseball and other emerging sports have a certain human foundation on the university campus.

But the cost issue is also a reality that everyone has to face.

Will you participate in similar sports?

How do you solve your budget problem?

  Softball has given me a lot. Michelle, a 22-year-old undergraduate who has been exposed to softball in high school, thinks this sport is quite new and interesting, so when I saw that there was a softball in college electives, I chose it without hesitation.
  Because I like it and because I’m not very healthy, I practice very hard.

Perhaps because of this, when there was no softball team in the school to be dispersed, the teacher recommended me to the Rainbow Baseball Softball Club to continue this sport.

  The first time I went to the club, I met a game with Fudan Women’s Baseball, which made me really realize the fun and charm of this sport.

Honestly, I was really the worst in the club when I played that game, but they insisted that everyone should play on the court.

Not only that, sometimes I did n’t catch the ball well, but even if the glove touched the ball a little bit, everyone else would applaud me sincerely and encouraged me loudly: “Good job.

“I missed the ball, and others will definitely help me save it.

In short, here, as long as you do your best, everyone will give you applause and praise.

It was in that trust of a team spirit that I decided to accompany this movement for a lifetime.

  Although softball is a relatively expensive sport, but schools and clubs generally provide sticks, this big head of thousands of dollars is solved, and the rest is the problem of buying a few hundred dollars of gloves.

Well, I can earn some money by doing my summer job.

  I feel that since participating in this sport, what I get from it is the joy of the sport. It is more about the team feeling between people. It is easier for teammates to trust and help each other than the sport itself.

And boyfriend, haha, the biggest unexpected gain from the club.

  My “board life” □ Song Song, a 26-year-old company employee, has enjoyed skating since childhood, from rollers to in-line until I became hooked on skateboarding.

I rarely had the opportunity to play in high school, and the first cartoon skateboard I bought was still almost new.

When I arrived at the university, I played pediatrics in the cartoon type, so I bought a new one, which is the best to use, although it is not black.

  I am studying in a small city in the south, the school is relatively small, and skateboarding is enough. I often practice alone in the park with a skateboard, and the technology is slowly improving.

After playing for more than a year, there was still some trembling in the jump.

I was discouraged when I saw some of the skaters in the TV footage walking on the street or in the U-shaped pool.

Later, a friend who was studying in Beijing said that their school has a skateboarding association and often antique skateboarding competitions. I wish I could meet these boardmates immediately.

During my sophomore summer vacation, I went north and south to gather with some skateboarding enthusiasts in Beijing. The technology leaps and bounds, and I quickly trained ollie to be proficient. I could skip at least five boards.

They also let me experience a lot of difficult movements, which made me envious.

That summer vacation, I met board friends from all corners of the world, and I must find an opportunity to meet again after an appointment.

  In this way, every holiday is arranged to play with board friends in various places, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc. have my board friends, running back and forth also becomes a pleasure.

Honestly, the investment in a board is not large, but tolls and room and board, one thousand less is needed.

At that time, I was still a student and did n’t have a fixed financial source.

I am an art student, and I can do some part-time work such as design and painting after class. I usually save my life and rarely buy the most fashionable sportswear.

I think a big T-shirt and jeans are the best match.

At that time, although my “banxing life” sometimes had evidence, it still brought unlimited fun to my school days.

  Posing as a “baseball girl” in college □ Xiaoxiao Before a 25-year-old company employee went to college, few people saw baseball.

The movie “Whirlwind Boy” was the first time I knew baseball. The bad boy Zhang Zhenyue realized that Lin Zhiying would not play baseball, and he chose to play with him. I did not expect that by chance, Lin Zhiying learned kung fu from a Chinese master.”Cut the tree, lead the leg” “Three strikes, five strikes, two strikes, and Zhang Zhenyue fell to the ground, winning the game and winning love.”

At that time, my feeling was that it was so handsome to play baseball!

  In my sophomore year, I met my current boyfriend.Coincidentally, he is a baseball fan.

Every weekend I go to the venue to watch their activities.

When they are resting, I will pick up his bat and play blindly. He said that baseball is exclusively for boys. I just did n’t believe it. He had to teach me to play and even asked him to buy me a small bat.I also refused.

Starting from the most basic swing and batting practice, I couldn’t swing the bat at first, let alone hit the ball accurately.

The boring practice persisted for a long time, and I was able to hit the ball gradually. Although the ball always flew in all directions, it still made me cheer.

His golfers also called me a “baseball girl” because very few girls are willing to watch them practice, let alone pick up a bat and practice together.

During that time, I invested a lot in baseball, but the balls and protective gear were sponsored by my boyfriend. I bought sunscreen, baseball caps, headbands and other things. The ball did n’t play well, butIt still looks like it.

  Because I didn’t want to really learn to play baseball, my level stayed at the stage of “Huaquanxiu”, but I already knew baseball best among female classmates.

Sometimes I see a baseball game broadcast on TV. I will explain it on the side, although in fact I am just a marginal enthusiast, not a contradiction. I am an expert in front of female compatriots.

  Electives are similar to “trial installations”. Yin Yin, a 23-year-old graduate student in physical education, has offered Latin dance as an elective option. At a time, this option became the focus of girls’ elective courses.

As a result, I had my first intimate contact with Latin dance.

In the first class, I was attracted by the vibrant melody of Latin dance and the passionate dance of Latin dance.

By the end of the semester, I really jumped into that tone.

  The final assessment was that the students self-assembled and arranged the content that the teacher usually taught into a dance.

At that time, I was quite obsessed with Latin dance, so I took this assessment assignment assigned by the teacher very seriously.

Even though everyone was nervous during the final exam at that time, every night I still urged five other people to line up with me to practice dance in the corridor. I even asked a coach to give me a coaching session.

Kung fu deserves to be cared for. At the end of the assessment, our group of top performers got the highest score, which made me more affirmed my Latin talent.

  However, later I took another semester of Latin dance, but I felt more and more unfavorable. The same teacher did the same moves, not to mention that more than 40 teachers in a class couldn’t teach it very carefully. I wanted to improve further under the influence of various factorsIt’s hard.

In this case, I gritted my teeth and reported to a professional Latin dance class.

Although the tuition is expensive, let my parents support you halfway, and you can make up the money for part-time work.

  The school’s electives are actually similar to the trials of cosmetics. It gives you a chance to try for free to see if you are interested and gifted.

However, the school’s free courses are just the foundation, and further development is needed if you want to go deeper.

  Pawn jewellery payment dues □ Ma Jingxuan 25-year-old teacher Our little sisters have been members of a water fitness club since college, and still maintain a weekly exercise until now.

Through water yoga exercises and water Latin exercises, we have continuously accepted the baptism of new fashion sports, and we have a better understanding of the charm of weight loss in water, especially in terms of scientifically changing the female curve, which can be said to have benefited a lot.

  Although when we first started to participate, we also had the problem of insufficient expenditure, but for women, in order to create a good posture, there were no insurmountable difficulties.

In addition to saving money and asking for help from parents, we also use weekends as tutors and temporary babysitters. If we ca n’t, we will adopt the method of “removing the east wall and filling the west wall”.

On one occasion, a little sister wanted to withdraw because she could not afford her dues.

We immediately discouraged the dissatisfaction as soon as we knew it.

How to do?

As a result, I quietly went out and ran out, and gave my favorite jewelry to the pawn .