The road to fattening, do not give up and not included


The road to fattening, do not give up and not included

I don’t know if it is a congenital factor (both mom and dad are not fat) or malnutrition (three years of picking up when I was in junior high school). Anyway, I was not fat when I was young, except during pregnancy, I never exceeded 90 pounds.Over.

In the early years, I felt very good about myself, because in this place in Guangdong, there are many people who are thinner. When they are young, they are more rounded and thinner.

And now, the cheeks are getting more and more trapped, the cheekbones are getting higher and higher, and the chin is getting sharper.

Therefore, I believe that the female stars may not go to the face of the awl face, or because the age is getting bigger and the pressure is getting bigger and really slim down.

銆€銆€Nearly one or two every year, every time I meet a friend, I always look like a sympathetic saying: How do you lose weight!

So I have to look at my body, is it really time to gain weight?

Sometimes I am thinking: Is it better to be a charter in Zhou Xingchi’s script, or to be a compass written by Lu Xun?

銆€銆€Think about it, it’s still fat.

The reasons are as follows: First, according to scientific research: increased accidental can increase the body’s resistance.

One is to prevent cold, and the other is to fight disease.

銆€銆€Second, fattening can increase the beauty.

Thirty-year-old to be charming, forty-year-old to have a charm, 50-year-old to be sad, 60-year-old to be kind.

And if you want these, it will be a bit ambiguous to be visually inevitable.

I think a rich Xu Niang must have a little more flavor than a thin Xu Niang, and a fat old lady looks more kind than a dry old lady.

Although this is not necessarily the case in theory, it seems to be ideal.

The devil in the fairy tale book, the witch is skinny, I said how to call it the devil figure, it is just coming.

銆€銆€Third, fattening can pull in the relationship between colleagues and promote the development of work.

As the saying goes: The heart is wide and fat.

The average person always thinks that fat people are bound to be open-minded and easy to get along with, especially women.

A fat woman said people, others would say that she was straightforward, a thin woman said people, others would say that she was so mean.

Imagine if a fat middle-aged woman at work is akimbo and a group of people with a finger, you may think that this woman is really a courage, a do-it-yourself, and a thin woman will inevitably be disdainful: what is it?I still don’t know what to rely on in the past?

銆€銆€It is said that for me, I am afraid that fattening is more difficult than losing weight.

Because I have never had a meal, the inspection seems to have no hyperthyroidism.

If you find a fat husband can follow a little fat, people say that the husband and wife are more and more like each other, then I also lost this opportunity, her husband is also a thin man.

Hey, the road to fattening has a long way to go.

But if you don’t give up, don’t limit, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

From now on, determine the fattening plan as follows: First, always maintain a good mood, add a sieve to the memory, filter all the unhappy, and then delete, happy things are all stored.

Watch jokes every day, listen to the happy laughter of the children, and keep your mouth up.

銆€銆€Second, more contact with fat people, as the saying goes, near Zhu is red, near the ink is black.

I hope to be assimilated by others.

銆€銆€Third, eat more, eat more.

Although I have never eaten less, I still have more sweets such as bread and biscuits. I can eat when I have time.

I don’t believe it, he really doesn’t store the extra transition?

銆€銆€Fourth, less worry, dedication, there must be someone embarrassed.

Forget it, do so much.

Parents are far away, they don’t think it’s useless, they have more money to give money, and when they go home, they will talk to them.

What does the husband do for him and let him go, not to say that he wants to give him freedom.

Children, what are you worried about, you are doing well, he must follow you to learn, and pulling out the seedlings will not work.Don’t think so much about your work, do your part, don’t worry about how much you can do.

銆€銆€I still wanted to say that I can sit without sitting, can sit without standing, can stand without walking.

But no, you still have to work, you have to buy some food.

Just right, more sports can also save time to become a snail, hehe!