Henan Qixian County special supervision woven net

Cao Aixiang is not the only rescue object that encounters a spot check. It is understood that in order to give full play to the implementation of supervision and protection, the role of promoting development, the Jixian Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission as an important starting point in the field of rectification of poverty alleviation, and went deep into the Minxian Civil Affairs Bureau to see urban and rural residents, high-rise, orphan rescue, Temporary rescue related information is rigorous, focusing on whether there will be high-quality low-conditioned edge population and regenerative population with high risks, whether to solve the rural poor elderly, children and other special groups "detachable" " Leakage problem.

In addition to the investigation of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the County Civil Affairs Bureau, the inspection team also randomly supports more than 60 villages (communities), and conducts visiting inventory, and verifying that all kinds of policies are implemented and subsidized. Source and help help.

It is understood that, as of now, the Minxian Civil Affairs Department issued a temporary rescue of Jinwan, achieving a rescue, and the policy is fully covered.

(Editor: Yu Siyuan, Guo Jian).