Fuzhou CPPCC member Jiamei: escorting private enterprises have developed, Minhou procuratorate has made good demonstration

In October 2020, members of the Fuzhou CPPCC were appointed by the Minhou County Procuratorate for the business community procuratorate.

This "work" makes the "interaction" of Jiamei and Minhou County Procuratorate, "said the privatization of private enterprises many times, and discussed our entrepreneurs.

"Bao Mei said. In May 2020, the Minhou County Procuratorate held an open hearing on the incident of entrepreneurs Zhang suspected illegal to occupy the agricultural land, and Jiamei took the hearing as a hearing member.

When I learned that the annual output value involved in the case is 15 million yuan, the chicken farm involved in the company is also included in the provincial and municipal food base and disabled poverty alleviation and development base and the provincial non-pollution-free agricultural product poultry egg base, Jiamei said: " The entrepreneur involved is a disabled. It is very difficult to develop into the agricultural industry of Minhou County, which has been developed into the agricultural industry in Minhou County. If the processing is not good, such a large-scale business will face a predicament.

"The Minhou County Procuratorate fully considers the corporate itself and the local economy, after strict examination of the comprehensive situation of the main dangers involved in the case, it will finally make a relatively no prosecution decision according to law.

At the same time, Fuzhou City Procuratorate also took the initiative to contact the Disabled Persons’ Association, establishment of inspection and enterprise contact points, providing long-term legal policy guidance, guiding people with disabilities and sustainable development according to law.

In the view of Bao Mei, the procuratorial organs have effectively avoided the practices of corporate and local economy suffering from serious blow. They balanced the jurisprudence and rational, and the cases of generous and sent a case, but also fully handed the sense of justice and creating a good business environment.

Procuratorate open day, private enterprises symposium, Pu law into enterprises … With the "distance" of the Minhou County Procuratorate "Distance", there is no harmoniousness to help the procuratorial organs to help private economic health development. "How to effectively escort the development of enterprises? I think the procuratorate has made a good demonstration.

"Bai Meifei is given a high degree to the Minhou County Procuratorate to shorten the arrest of the corporate case.

At present, the Minhou County Procuratorate’s case-related cases were reviewed and arrested for the day, and the review of the average handling time was the day.

"They also communicate with the court, actively recommend the application of criminal steampered procedures and simple procedures, and put an end to the case, and collapsed the factory ‘." Bao Mei said.

It is reported that, since last year, the Minhou County Procuratorate has established a hook to the private enterprise mechanism, and 18 of the industrial representative private enterprises have set up 18 inspection points in the industry, inviting private entrepreneurs to participate in the prosecutive activities, and provide more than 20 legal advice services.

Strengthening 13 cases of criticism and agreed to the prosecutor’s quantitative recommendations, and signed a book-related enterprise personnel, and proposed to the court to apply for the premise of probation. Improving private enterprises and their investors, managers, practitioners, and collecting 25 crimes involved in violence, duty invasion, misappropriation of funds, etc., prosecute 33 people. At the same time, the Minhou County Procuratorate in-depth analysis of the characteristics, reasons and regulations of the privatous crime of the law-on-law and the production and operation of private enterprises were targeted, and the procuratorate proposal to prevent crime was proposed.

In handling, it is "one proposal" to help private enterprises to improve the system, block loopholes, and effectively resolve the risk of production and operation. (Zhou Wen) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xiahuahua).