Foreign media: Pakistan is held in Afghan issue (2)

According to reports, in the last batch of US and Western Army withdraw from Kabul less than three months, representatives from India, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan attended the Afghanistan hosted by India. Question Security Dialogue Conference. The Supreme Security Consultant in the Indian government said: We have always pay close attention to the development of the country.

This is not only important to the Afghan people, but also has an important impact on its neighbors and the region. The report noted that Pakistan boycotted this meeting, the national security consultant Muid, Yidu, Yuard, accused India last week, India is a blender in the region. According to reports, it is not clear whether India invites Taliban to participate in the meeting.

According to reports, India held the first official meeting in Qatar last month. Independent security experts and before the Indian foreign diploma working in Afghanistan in recent years, it is necessary to contact the Taliban’s contact with Taliban.

According to reports, the Taliban’s agent Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutki began a three-day visit to Pakistan on the 10th, and a Taliban spokesperson in Kabul revealed optimistic on the meeting held in Islamabad, Moscow, Tehran and New Delhi. This shows the importance of Afghanistan to the region.

He said: We are optimistic, because the entire area needs Afghanistan’s stability and safety & hellip; & hellip; these meetings will be paved with the road, I hope they are beneficial to Afghanistan.