Dongba Law Enforcement team kills regional merchants, killed more than 650 stores

During the killing process, the "four early" measures were effectively implemented.

Supervised all merchants should conscientiously implement early discovery, early report, early isolation, early treatment of "four early" measures, cut off the transmission path, prevent diffusion.

Encourage units and individuals to discover, report relevant cases and epidemic. Strictly implement aggregated venue scanning code registration reservation, limited frameworking measures such as wearing masks.

Business buildings must strictly implement testing temperature test, wear masks, ventilation disinfection, "one-way", etc.

The law enforcement team also supervised the business of merchants in the jurisdiction to do a good job in daily health check management and epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection. Supervise the information platform such as the merchant to promote the personal health code, residents apply the electronic health code through the network platform or apply the paper version of the paper version (health pass card) through the community, obtain the qualification of travel, completion, etc. The unit gives two publicity and publicizes the rectification of 2 merchants.

(王 化 玲) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing).