The earliest password of our party is Zhou Enlai invented

  The earliest password of our party is Zhou Enlai invented, the first use of this password is Renji.

The first telegram is Zhou Enlai to send it to the central government of the Soviet area from Shanghai. The content is asked whether it will arrive at the Central Soviet area.

Zhou Enlai has an important thing, it is translated by Deng Yingchao.

When there was an emergency, Chen Ying was responsible for translation. The second telegram is about the discountment of the personnel arrangement of the Chinese Soviet Provisional Central Government.

In the future, "Promision" is gradually used in the entire party’s contact, and the main content is used. In the fall of 1947, Comrade Enlai held an opportunity to work in Shenquan Bao, Northern Shaanxi. Study the discussion machine, confidential, password communication work. The password policy, confidentiality system, working discipline, is to ensure that the whole army should have a password to work absolutely safe.

Our army is confidential, rare in the history of modern warfare. At that time, Zhou Enlai made an important indication for my work. First, it is now unified leadership, dispersion operation, ready for two years, reaching a considerable level of concentration. This is a scientific foresee. In 1946, it was a strategic defense and tactical attack.

It is a strategic attack.

Our policy is to hit the Jiang manage area and develop the liberation area. Second, our scientific and technical work and the combination of revolutionary spirit, there is an unlimited development future, and it is not a victory. Our party’s machine work, science and technology work is 50 points, our politics is justice, there is an infinite vitality, and it is 50 points, both positive 100 points.

The enemy’s science and technology is also 50 points, but he is politically corrupted, not falling, no future, is 50 points, positive and negative plus equal to zero.

So we must win, the enemy must fail.

  The Communist Party has mastered the technology and must defeat all the techniques of the reactionary sentiment. This is the true truth. The first of our victory is technology + politics. If we don’t have a revolutionary politics, it is impossible to defeat enemies. Zhou Enlai attaches great importance to politics. On March 12, 1948, Comrade Enlai made such a report on the report: "This report is very good, content, analysis, criticism, have a policy, this is a step in your work Active manifestation. With scientific victory, we should add politics, that is, we have mastered science and must defeat the enemy’s use.

"" Promine "is the best in our party’s establishment machine, and is a password that is strong in confidentiality.

(This paper is the secret code of the three original ministers of the PLA total of the PLA).