Zhangwan District, Hubei Province: Strictly defending "three people" to do a good job in integrity

Recently, Zhangwan District, Hubei Province, Zhangwan District, and the county rural three-level exchange elections were promoted in order, Zhangwan District Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Organs adhere to the "three people" to do a good job of integrity and cadres and cadres and ensure the selection of candidates. Clean and clear.

All review.

At the level, whether it is a party member cadres, or general party members, whether the parties and townships, or townships and communities, the party members of the community, all need to be reviewed, and they need to review them one by one.

In the review content, not only the case, the trial department reviewed and handled the statute, but also the letter of letters and visits did not affect the use of the letter and visit department, and the party-style political style is subject to "four winds" issues and therefore The situation is treated, and for the party members and cadres received by the treatment, the corresponding discipline inspection teams and township discipline committees are reviewed and corrected.

Once clear comments. For the proposed election of the party’s work style and clean government review, appointment of candidates, according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with the daily supervision. The situation has been proposed to make an audit opinion; the review opinion is not clear, the conclusion is unclear, and the case management department urges re-discharge; for the clue of the inconsistency that has not been verified, the department involved in the face-to-face discussion For details of use.

Through the above measures, the procedural idleness, go through the field, and put an end to return to work, and ensure the response opinion, and there is a reference value.

I will sign my back. For the proposed election, the candidate, the committee, the petition, the trial, the party style and the corresponding discipline inspection team and the township discipline committee are signed in the audit materials. For the case of the case, the above sector is jointly negotiated after the concrete Cognitive comments as an attachment.

For the departmental cadres or proposed cadres, it is necessary to sign a seal on the signing of the person in charge of the department, and one unit handles must be tried by the main person in charge of the committee.

Through strict endorsement and archivement, the protection of audit responsibilities is effective and implemented, and then ensure the accurate authority of the review object is clean and integrity. "Next, we will close the regular election of the whole region, the selection of people and other major personnel adjustment work, compress the resignation of the party-style and clean government opinions, for successful completion of the succession and the choice of strong leading cadres and cultivate benign political ecology The anchor is clear and honest, helps the clearing and honesty bay construction, and the main person in charge of the Supervision Committee of Zhangwan District Commission for Discipline Inspection. (High Hongqiang) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.