“summer,There is no you talk here.。”

“Shut up,Are you still not disordered??”
As the continuous three sounds sound at the same time。
Might,Ming Text and Mingwu have opened the opening。
They look at the summer,Or concern,Or dissatisfaction,Anger。
I didn’t expect that he will speak in this festival.,And obviously happiness。
Mingli speech,Naturally。
And the civilized martial arts is very dissatisfied。
The old man is so easy to press the other side.,This kid deliberately,Do he wants to let Ming Qin completely torn face,Don’t you die without die??
Ming Hheuan on the side,At this moment, it is revealed.,The coldness of the scorpion is flashing。
Just now, he has been played a slap in a slap.,I now see the summer speech.,I can’t wait for him to step down your own dust.。
And this moment,Qin Tang has been on the summer。
His eyes are like a knife,That hate, you can’t wait for a thousand knives.。
This is this small wild species,Put your own most valuable Suner into a disabled,I have been dead for three days in the hospital.。
“What did you say!”
Qin Tang Zhengqi can’t find the excuse to deal with me,I saw the summer at the moment.,I immediately bite the teeth,“You dare to curse my death?”
“Not a curse you,You are really dead.。”
Speech,Summer slowly,Take a big step to Qin Tang。
“Xiao Tian!Don’t come!”
See this scene,I hop in martial arts,Immediately speaking。
Even if it is a Ming old master,The eyelids are also slightly smashed。
But he quickly recovered calm。
Perhaps in many people,Which of the three limbs developed and air has a rough person,After all, his record is there.。
But in the eyes of the old man,Summer is never courageous。
on the contrary,His hearts have to be ignorant than most people,Just his force masked all this。
He believes that the summer will not be chaotic.,Don’t kill more。
Summer is just a turn to Mingli cast a comforted eye.,Continue to come,Go to Qin Tang near,Up and down。
Qin Tang naturally fearful summer,Stare cold。
“Feel sorry,I am wrong.。”
Looking at him in summer,Faint,“You won’t die,But within a week,Your brain blood vessels will rupture,Cause neurodaria,Become paralyzed,But you are so old,I haven’t lived a few days.。”