Sensitive skin MM is important to clean properly

Sensitive skin MM is important to clean properly

Some people bathe and wash their hair every day, change their clothes and bedding frequently. They often feel itchy and itchy here, or their skin often shows allergies such as eczema, which leads to dermatitis, or the scalp is very fragile, so the hair is getting yellower and softer.Or, the facial skin is very sensitive, even if many single skin care products and cosmetics for sensitive skin are used, it is difficult to resist many skin problems such as red bloodshot and adult acne.

  People who often have the above conditions are almost all sensitive skin or physique.

And now through the gradual deterioration of our urban environment, the growth of chemicals around us, the increase of our own pressure, and the increasing number of people with sensitive skin and constitution.

Very serious people, even various skin problems, and may cause sensitive rhinitis or high blood pressure.

  The causes of sensitive skin and physique are very complex, but the factors that can motivate them to cause direct hazards such as skin problems are mostly chemicals in our lives, including toiletries, cosmetics, household pollution, and nearby places where we live and work.Content of chemical ingredients in the environment, etc.

  Therefore, in order to take care of the fragile skin and give yourself a healthy and safe new skin state, it is necessary to really carry out a battle of sensitive skin. The four major battles in this battle are all indispensable.

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In terms of facial cleansing, at the beginning of the big battle, we should re-use many of our daily non-low irritation, cleansing products containing a variety of chemical ingredients, and use low- or zero-irritation medicated makeup according to your skin condition.Or no added face wash products.

Now the number of such products on the market, such as Japanese FREEPLUS, no addition, European and American La Roche-Posay, Avene, Vichy, etc., you can choose the really suitable for you according to your situation and the recommendations of friends around you.

  Contacting the foundation of the body’s skin cleansing Cleansing of the body’s skin is often overlooked because it is not exposed as often as the face, but it is equally important, and if the body’s skin often contains synthetic lotions containing multiple chemicals, multiple bodiesYour skin will be affected, skin problems will occur frequently, and many chemicals will still contaminate the facial skin, causing your sensitive first battle to fail.

  The maintenance of these three types of skin and the use of cosmetics, whether it is facial skin or body skin, require a certain amount of maintenance after the basic cleansing, and everyone often wears makeup, so it is very important to choose skin care products and cosmetics.

For people with sensitive skin and physique, in short, European and American non-low-stimulation skin care products or cosmetics should be used less, because there are many differences between East Asian skin and physique and Westerners, for example, even European and AmericanMany low-stimulation skin care products, many women in East Asia still feel slightly tingling.

Therefore, it is still recommended to use skin care products or cosmetics from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. These ingredients are milder and more suitable for Asian skin.

  Some people may think that if it is a skin care product, the products from Taiwan and Japan are low-stimulation or non-additive, will there be no nutrition.

Don’t worry about this. The three major Japanese brands-Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose, and FANCL have launched skin care products for mature and sensitive skin. You can choose according to your own situation.

  Skin cleansing four times at a time This is the most easily overlooked alternative. It is also the most critical reason that many people feel itchy all the time, even if they wash their hair every day and use special products for skin care.

You may ask why?

Because you wash and change frequently, it is intimate clothes, and daily necessities such as bed linen and quilts are also washed once a week, and they will be often exposed to the sun. Why do they still become the key cause of frequent skin problems?

  This is actually similar to Doping II. The detergents, soap powders, softeners, etc. currently on the market are all synthetic agents, adding a lot of chemicals.

There are both the phosphorus that we cause, which is the reason that “detergent powder hurts your hands”, and the fluorescent whitening agent that we do n’t know much about. This fluorescent whitening agent will cover the stains that the synthetic lotion itself can’t clean.Make clothes and other surfaces look as white as new. In fact, they wrap the stains, but they just give people a better visual feeling.

These chemical ingredients and the dirt to prevent cleaning are worn on our body and rubbed against the skin, which will often make us feel itchy or have frequent skin diseases.

  For those with sensitive skin, start to observe your life now, and kick off the battle of truly sensitive skin.

When you complete the changes of these four major changes, I believe you will see the red bloodshot, body and facial acne, itching and skin diseases are slowly away from you, your life is no longer fearful, sensitive and healthy!