“I will work hard!”

Shen Huan nodded,Serious way。
prove“Fermat’s Last Theorem”,Good master, there is a reward!
I beg you to order all!All orders!
First280chapter What style of painting?
Two-day Mathematical Olympiad,Is suffering for many people,But for many people,It’s also very easy。
When a person is good at something in a certain field,Then he won’t get bored。
Shen Huan is done6The questions are easy,Come out, Teacher Tao Jun took the question and his answer to study,Treat it as a standard answer。
The remaining5After each team member,Also copied them all,So Tao Jun watched them one by one。
He was a little surprised at first sight。
Not only is Shen Huan nailed down42Minute,Li Naihao can at least get40Minute,The most stable Yao Kai is also very likely to be42Minute。
Xia Jiajun and Lei Xiaode are at least35Points above。