There’s this thing?”
After that, look at Lin Yu,Disdain:“Kid,do you know who he is?
He is one of the top companies in Ganghwa City,CEO of Yunhai Enterprise。
You dare to ask him to apologize to your mother,Are you looking for death?”
“He has money,Does it have anything to do with me?
If it doesn’t matter,See you in the court。”
People have seen a lot,But like this one,Such an unreasonable person,Lin Yu’s first time seeing。
“it is good!Then I am waiting for your court summons,Mr. Xu,let’s go。”
Hear the broadcast sound in the lobby,Fifteen minutes before the auction starts。
People who did not enter,Please come in in time。
Fifteen minutes later,No entry allowed,Li Yunhai scolded,He left in a hurry。
Seeing these two people leave in a hurry,Lin Yu quickly caught up。
Because the sound just broadcast,Came from the direction the two people were walking。
In other words,This auction venue,Is near the broadcast。