I didn’t think about anything after hanging up the phone,I searched the Internet and saw what department was linked,Later, I can’t hold myself on the Internet,It’s light,What if it’s heavy。

My Father,The face was white and fat in high school,Now the face is dark and thin,When letting them eat better, they promised to be very diligent,But you depend on what they eat,You will feel very sad。
Usually eat cabbage tofu,Occasionally buy meat to treat yourself。What they do is physical work,I’m really worried sometimes,But you can’t be by their side,I’m really confused about what to do sometimes。
Occasionally i go back,Fish, chicken legs, chicken feet or something,Because i love to eat。Go back last time,Dad bought it specifically2Crab,Later, I heard my mom nag me,Your dad said early,The girl came back and bought crabs for her。
I didn’t eat it and it ended up in my stomach。Every time I leave, I go to the supermarket to buy some bread and rice porridge at home,Let them take it with you every day。
I9Food bought in the month,10I basically did not eat when I went home,Ask why not eat?Wait for you to come back to eat。
I said I bought it for you,Do not eat expired,then11Month home,Still not moving there。
Sometimes you really don’t know how to tell them to eat those things you bought。My dad is far away from work,All morning4Get up more and cook rice,Then pack up and go out,Do not eat breakfast in the morning。
That rice is cooked for my mother。my mother8Point to work,6Get up more and simply fry vegetables and eat,Because it takes half an hour to ride an electric bike where my mom works,So she leaves every time she calculates the time。
Sometimes I really feel that our family is very tired,It feels like it’s not as smooth as other people’s lives。
My two little girlfriends,There’s nothing like this at home,Sometimes really envious。Although I don’t think about things,But when I turn off my phone at night to go to sleep, my tears can’t stop falling,It’s sad to think about what my father and mother have been like for so many years,And I just graduated two years ago,I don’t feel much help,Very disappointed in myself。
Really feel,Life is so hard so hard。Really tired。
I’ve been quiet in my father’s thing last night and fell asleep late。A small partner called early this morning and woke up。
Look at the phone,9Too much。Hurry up and go downstairs to buy noodles and eat,Because I’m so hungry,And there is nothing to eat at home。