Datanghua Yinshun County Energy Company: Due to the power of doing it, go all out to do this winter, spring electricity

The staff is sampled in the fuel.

Reporting units for the map of Changsha, November 9th Huayin Company’s support for energy security and stability supply decision deployment and work requirements, perceived, quickly entering the energy insurance prevention, with practical action to practice "two maintenance", and do a good power to do this winter and spring power safety and reliable Supply work. Improve the stratum comprehensive deployment Promotion of work and coordinate the company’s first time to implement the provincial government, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Energy Bureau, and the provincial government supervisory information on the welcoming winter coal coal power control, the spirit of the conference document, success in October The Energy Preservation Association, the 19th Party Committee and Power Guarantee, the Power Supply Provider, deployed coal-saving and power saving work, and quickly unified the idea and action to the pressing power saving task.

The company established a power supply for leading groups, setting up fuel procurement, funding, safe operation, equipment maintenance, grid coordination, fuel transfer, road enterprise coordination, publicity and public opinion guidance, supervision and assessment 9 jobs, clear Calculation and power saving tasks, formulated the "Special Work Program for Electric Coal Protection" and "Special Work Protection for Fund Guarantee".

Further unify thinking, compaction responsibility, clear direction, actively seek government assistance and shareholders’ support, speed up the landing of financing projects, and fully solve the outstanding problems in the warranty of funds, the key issues, key issues, high politics Responsibility and mission, strictly keep the power supply bottom line.

Keep staring at the coal-source water and land attack protection of granules, the company has thousands of bass to grab all coal-coated opportunities, find resources, measure coalvation, exploration paths, and strive to overcome heavy difficulties to organize shipping, and fully enhance the company’s electric coal stocks.

Grasp to implement the coal source.

The company fully ensures that the Provincial Development and Reform Commission coordinated the long cooperation, continued to strive to promote the Jinneng Holding Coal Industry Group, and actively docking Xiang coal group, and fully ensuring that the provincial government is coordinated in the fourth quarter of 140,000 tons of provinces. .

Stabilized Jiangxi Pingxiang coal supply, fully exploit the company’s surrounding coal-piercing coal, and actively diverted suppliers with storage coal, strive for neutral storage particles to return the warehouse, and should receive it.

It has been initially implemented with 910,000 tons of coal source. Scientific orderly transfer. The company has developed a transportation plan for the actual situation of channel capabilities, priority to protect the railway coal from the northern Changzheng coal and the provincial coal, using Pingxiang coal hair to operate the adjustment means of railway capacity, and do a good job in synergistic management, orderly, orderly Organization avoids centralized transportation, actively communicating with the railway dispatching department, avoiding the vehicle’s exceeding the standard. At the same time, it is actively in harmonized communication with the relevant functional departments of provinces, municipalities and county government, and opened the green channel for electric coal protection, ensuring water transport, highway transportation. Efficient access to security to ensure that the equipment is reliable with the continuous increase in electric coal-oriented operation, the company captures and unloads, one-handed equipment, further improve the reliability of the bucket, turning machine, etc. Go all efforts to ensure smooth coal dressing.

The company fully enhances people’s organizational strength, efficiently operates fuel access, ensuring that the connection and unloading efficiency continues to maintain peak operation.

Do a good job in sampling, connect the reserves of the spare parts for the spare parts, discover the fault, troubleshoot, replace it in time. Currently reaching, changing and simplifying the current banding during the train coal, and compress the warehouse time as much as possible. Optimize train sampling methods, compress train sampling time, and improve the efficiency of trains. Further improve the emergency connection and unloading scheme, dock the unloading space, personnel, equipment, transportation and other work, and ensure that the train is not affected by equipment issues, and automotive coal into the factory. On the one hand, the company arranges a special person responsible for picking up the equipment, the call is followed, 24 hours standby treatment defects, and shorten the maintenance time as much as possible, and reduce the impact of equipment reasons.

On the other hand, strengthen maintenance and maintenance and improve the level of equipment.

Strengthen equipment inspection, maintenance, and use the coal gap, the equipment switching gap is carried out, and the maintenance time is carried out reasonably, and the maintenance time is arranged, and the defect processing efficiency is improved. At the same time, in-depth investigation activities and joint inspection activities, focus on the sampling machine, bucket, turning machine, No. 1 and other regions, and rectify the problem list and strip.

Strengthening supervising serious accountability and promoting responsibility to implement the company’s adherence to precise effort, the same strength, coordinate day-to-day supervision and special supervision, adhere to the upper and lower linkages, strengthen supervision and inspection, and find problems in time to supervise the reminder, promote all branches, various teams, departments Strengthening responsibility, earnestly fulfilling, and focusing on improving work execution. With the oversight and coordination mechanism, the electricity guarantees will be included in the main supervision system, the supervision of supervision, audit, discipline inspection, organization, etc. Resultant.

Increase the frequency of supervision, to undertake the fuel purchase department, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance Department, the Safety Environmental Protection Department, the power generation department, and the equipment management department, and the special supervision, and supervise each week. Work measures, work programs, work implementation, personnel performing duties, and discover problems in time to urge reminders.

Serious accountability, interviews, units or individuals of action, units, or individuals, departments, units or individuals of negative slack, dereliction of duty, strengthen the exposure of the report, produce the company’s electricity Large negative affected matters start the accountability process. Since the Party and government Work Group condensed the coal power protection, since October, the company’s party committee fully launched the party’s contract to organize the role of guaranteeing in the process of mass transfer, and asked Party members and cadres to deposit the coal-saving to ensure each post, each piece Regionally, the company’s power supply is implemented, and it is strongly guaranteed.

The company’s party group organizations have launched a series of theme practice activities to provide strong organizational protection for thawing.

All party branches have carried out "big do one hundred days, strive to be new contributions" "promotion of great Justice Party spirit, help energy insurance for attacking" theme party day activities, "3W1" innovative and effective practices, actively showing the model role of party members and Fighting Fortress of the Party Branch. The company’s trade union actively carried out "big do one hundred days, strive for new contributions" innovative and effective labor competition activities, allowing competition coverage more, and more deeply in combination with central work, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of employees of cadres. The company’s group committee launched the "big do one hundred days, the young people in the pioneer" theme practice activities, actively mobilizing the branches of the group to actively integrate into the coal-saving power, and injected into the vibrant power of youth. In the lower stage, the company will be "two maintenance", keep in mind the "country", practice the political height of the initial mission, putting political responsibility, fulfilling social responsibility, take the initiative, truthfully, and further grasping the fuel procurement, Funding, safe operation, equipment maintenance, power grid coordination, etc., fully ensure this winter Spring Power Supply, play the "top beam column" and "crimp stone" in the fire power enterprise, develop and protect people’s livelihood Electric contribution of power.

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