Fourteen Games full schedule released

Original title: The full schedule of the 14th National Games released this newspaper (Reporter Snow Intern Qu Lin Xin) On June 3, the State Sports General Administration issued the 14th National Games Competition Total Schedule (Edition). According to the total schedule of the competition, the 19 large games such as swimming, football, gymnastics, and baseball will be swimming, and 26 large competitions such as swimming, track and field, basketball, volleyball will be conducted during the opening ceremony. .

At the same time, the State Sports General Administration will dynamically adjust the competition schedule according to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  The 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi from September 15th to 27th, and the competition has 35 large items, 409 small items.

According to the latest release of the competition schedule, the Diving Youth Group of the First Federation Competition will be held on June 26th in Xi’an Olympics Center. In July, U18 women’s football team, the gymnastics youth team will continue to compete. The three major ball projects that have received much attention will be taken first before the opening ceremony, U20 men’s feet, U18 men’s feet, men’s adult group volleyball, women’s five small groups of basketball 5 small competitions. Athletics and swimming are the most gold medals in the National Games. Among them, the swimming projects of the diving youth group, trick swimming, diving, men’s water ball, marathon swimming will decide the champion before the opening ceremony; the 37 gold medals and women’s water ball cards will be produced on September 19th to 26th. 52 gold medals in the track and field project will be decided from September 20 to 26.

(Editor: Zou Xing, Deng Nan).