Gansu Fire: Practicing the Training Word forged

"May 1" holiday, Cai Jianbo, political commissar of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, and inspected the fire safety work of Lanzhou Old Street.

Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps for map statistics show that the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps put into vehicle equipment construction fee billion yuan, purchase 185 fire cars, 110,000 pieces of equipment equipment, Gansu Provincial Government planned information construction funds 4500 Ten thousand yuan, implement the provincial prize funds 82.8 million yuan, which provides a fire-fighting remote water supply system, a macrower multifunction rescue vehicle, etc.

According to reports, 14 of the 14 city of Gansu Province, the fire station allocated, and more than 30,000 pieces of equipment materials were reserved.

Continuously improve material supply, collecting replacement, emergency adjustment, cross-regional priority, etc.

Focusing on learning and implementing the spirit of training, the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps always puts ideological and political construction first, in-depth promotion "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, adhere to the "five do not shake" education practice activities and party history education, from The Ideal Ideals and Value Pursuits are solved.

The Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government is mainly responsible for comrades in the three-year work of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, and the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Team is facing the urgent difficult task of mission. It is not afraid of sacrifice, always around the center, service The overall situation, continued to deepen the reform, loyal to fulfill its duties, in order to safeguard the province’s social overall situation, protect the people’s homework has made important contributions. "We will strive to build a comprehensive exquisite emergency rescue main force and national team, and strive to prevent the resolution of major fire safety risks, safeguard social stability and people’s lives and property safety, to speed up the construction of happiness and beautiful new Gansu Constantly create a new and greater contribution to the new situation of the rich people.

"The Army of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps said. (Editor: Jiao Long, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.