"Ying Yeong Years of Love, Ao Xue – 2021 Beijing Literature and Federation System Excellent Program Exhibition"

People’s Network Beijing December 5 (Dong Zhai) "River Mountain is magnificent, the scenery is pictures, every seed is rooted. The Yangtze River Yellow River, Himalaya, all ethnic children sing China." December 4th, in the evening, in the heroic heroic In the song sound of the "New Times", the art and light shadow of the Beijing Literary Art Branch, the art and light shadow of the Beijing Linglian Group, the "Art Years of the Youth Hairy" of the Ying Yun – 2021 Beijing Literature Union System Excellent The show appeared in the Tianqiao Art Center.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Linglian, the performance aims to improve the Beijing Downtown (Bureau), the production (line) industry, the level of creation, and build a broader promotion, exchange platform, discovery for the outstanding newcomers of the group member unit. Cultivate the cultural talents of the capital, build the literary and artworks of sustainable development, calling, inspiring the vast number of literary and art workers to serve the people, create a popular population, and deeply enumeratively works.

The whole performance is a time line in the past 100 years since its establishment, in the image expression of songs, dance, drama, acrobatics, cross talk, recital, etc., depicting the future, looking at the future.

It is understood that the enthusiasm of the industry (bureau production) and production (line), a total of 25 programs, a considerable part of the work created by the 100th Anniversary and Beijing Winter Olympics in the Foundation of the Communist Party of China, Experts and director groups, "a piece of red cloth", "Li Kun", "Li Kun", "Feng Jing", "Li Kun", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Snow Dream", will eventually present on the stage.

At the same time, it also invited the "New Era", "Youth Song", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth" Happy Planet – Technological "" Rehearsal "" We have seen "7" Revival Forces "and other seven outstanding programs to participate in the performance. 1 and a half hours, 14 programs, more than 200 actors of 16 units dedicated, plus dreams like dreams, imaginary stage effect, ignite the enthusiasm of the audience.

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