Tsinghua University President Wang Dianjun: Sports education, let high-level competitive talents have emerged

People’s Network Beijing November 25th (Reporter Sun Jing) "Dermatology is less than one.

Sports have always been an indispensable ring in the education system, and vigorously develop school sports.

"Recently, Wang Dianjun, president of Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School, said in an interview with reporters that the integration of physical education is a general trend, and it can fully improve students’ literacy, and can also make high-level sports competitive talents.

Sports have been developed, and the spirit of essence is improved. "We have never been universities from primary schools. There is no interruption, that is, sports.

Most people think that sports can exercise, but in fact, the value of sports is much better than this.

"Wang Dianjun said that the sports competition has no winning, and it is necessary to cultivate or enhance the quality and spiritual power of the rules, and even the quality and mental power.

"There is a view that the development of sports will affect learning. In fact, the two are complementary relationships. Sports, people’s spiritual appearance is new, have a spiritual god, will learn efficiency?" Adhering to this concept, Tsinghua Attachment focuses on "two things" in sports: First, carry out sports activities for all students to ensure that sports will not be discounted during their children; the second is to cultivate the reserve talents of competitive sports.

"The school has a 35-year history of Ma John sports specialties, and chooses a group of children with special sports talents, using professional coaching resources and training facilities to ensure their potential to make the backup talents of excellent athletes." The temple said.

Pay attention to cultural education, is a successful study on the physical education of sports students, the successful typical success of Tsinghua University, "Surgery integration", now has delivered 645 outstanding student athletes.

"The characteristics of sports specialties are specially emphasized the knowledge of children’s cultural lessons.

"Wang Dianjun believes that traditional body school cultural courses are relatively weakened, but competitive sports is a game, not alone, you can win, you have to fight, and you have to fight.

"In Tsinghuaia, the most tight thing is to ensure the cultural cultivation of children. We train two or three hours a day, and the remaining time is the same as ordinary students.

To high school, the training pressure is slightly larger, we will be done separately, adjust the rhythm, systematically arrange, and ensure that their cultural courses and training are incorrect. "In addition to let students become more wisdom, more cultivated There is no big idea.

In addition, unexpected injury is also common in motion.

Furthermore, even in the competitive sports system, it has got a champion, and there is always a retirement, and the day of progress.

If the previous education does not have any reserves, it will be very unfavorable to the future development of students.

So we pay attention to cultural education, in fact, the life of their future life. "Wang Dianjun said. Athletic talent training must respect the law, respect the science" We explore another road to cultivate competitive sports talents in the country, that is, relying on routine education, doing physical education integration.

"Talking about the experience of competitive talent training management, Wang Dianjun believes that the science and law are very important." Not blindly increased training, children will achieve achievements faster. Ma John’s sports special class has excellent results, not accidental, it is the inevitable result of respected law, respect for science, and the inevitable results of the systemic cultivation.

"Wang Dianjun shared the" three levels "concept of school sports. The first is to exercise the physical quality of students, by doing radio gynding, sports class, ensuring that the body’s exercise reaches a certain extent, so that the whole body can get exercise and improve .

The second is to let the child find interest projects during reading, through the community and special activities, let them practice, becoming a sports hobby accompanying life. The third is to discover the talents of the child and cultivate him as a future outstanding athlete.

"If our education is different, there is a feature, let each of the sports talents can find suitable education, then our country’s competitive sports reserve talents can end out.

"Wang Dianjun said that in the future, Qinghua should further excavate and summarize the experience and practices of competitive sports, talent training, and body education, forming the law, hoping to promote more places, so that more children benefit.

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