"American Democracy" is disliked, even Americans don’t recognize

  The "Nanhua Morning Post" website issued an observation report on November 1, saying that the peer survey found that the world’s recognition of "American Democracy" decreased in the cliff.

The full text is as follows: The developed economies in the world still treat the US military advantage with envy, but they are now on the so-called "American Democracy" – perhaps the most famous thing in all US outputs – but not so far Envious.

  This is the result of a new survey of the Leather Research Center. This survey found that in other forms of US strength is still recognized, the evaluation of the American political system overseas has declined.

  The problems in the survey gave three answers: "American Democracy" is a good example worthy of other countries; "American Democracy" has been a good example, but in recent years, "American Democracy" has never been a good example. According to the survey of the results of the questionnaire, "Almost no one thinks, ‘American Democracy’ – at least in the current state – can act as a good example of other countries.

"This survey queried for thousands of adults of 16 developed economies from March and May this year, and respondents in early February were 2500 adults in the United States. Report, more than half (57 %) Global respondents believe that "American Democracy" was once a good example, but it was no longer in recent years.

The report also pointed out that the Americans also held this view, 72% of US respondents gave the same answer. On October 30, tourists visited the National Square of Washington, USA. In the domestic policy agenda of the US President, Xinhua News Agency, when he tried to convince American Congress, the US Congress in infrastructure and health care, he regards the power of "American Democracy" and health. A central topic. Biden also plans to host a video conference called the "Democratic Summit" later this year to revitalize "democracy" support.

  The senior researcher of the Leather Research Center, the author Laura Silver is called the "American Democracy" evaluation is also related to the global view on whether the US government respects the personal freedom of the country.

  The report said that this view has improved during the Former President Trump, this view has improved during the governing period, however, some countries still believe that the so-called "democratic" situation in the United States is more than Bitron’s ruling period. Oops. Silver said: "Yes, the view may have a rebound.

It is completely recovered in some places.

But not all places fully recovered. "The respondents also expressed" serious concerns "on the United States’s race and national discrimination. Report said:" Among the public outside the United States, 82% to 95% of people think that this discrimination is at least Savory is a serious problem, more than 40% of people think this problem is very serious. ".