Instant,East Big Day,Jinshan Emperor,Busy,The figure of the four strong people in the east bunch of the east is again rushed again.,Their power is all injecting the soldiers,The horrible breath rises again,Four people stand in the sky in the nine stone columns。

Four people burst into a sound,Four people shot at this moment like lightning,The four big gods have emerged horrible light,These rays are like lightning.,It is like a bullet.,A light is then shock to nine stone pillars!
The harsh blasting sound is ringing among the air.。
“boom,boom,boom!”Dramatic explosion sound continues,Nine stone pillars stand still,The mysterious light above disabling the attack of the four strong people。
Just in the sky at this time, an angry roaring voice came.,The owner of this sound is honest, and it is the singer of the singer.,Shi Nazeng’s face,Also, there are three kinds of breath, old people follow him.。
These three old faces are ugly。
“My Chinese territory is sacred and inviolable!”A thunderous sound came from the distant high altitude。
This is a golden windbreaker,It looks for more than 60 years old,This old gold windbreaker embroides a huge gold dragon,This person is not someone else,It is the dragon’s proud of the dragon,Dragon proud god handed a golden long knife。
There is also Beijiao with Dragon proud.,Dragon,Tongz,Fairy,Those who are so powerful,These people are a face hole,It looks more than Tang,Long Taihuang et al.。
These people are the half-pointers that condense the gods。
Qinglong Chamber of Commerce out this one,According to Tang family,Lesson Mountain,Fei Fairy Pavilion means direct appearance interference,And the forces of this,狠 的 上,After all, from the big level。
This inclusion is undoubtedly the authority of challenge the Chinese government.。
But the dragon,Sheah,The Tzon is not thinking so,Everything is expensive,So severely condemned。
However, after the International Times, Qin Guangwang’s articles have appeared.,Dragon,Sheah,The force equalization of Tuanzi began to change the attitude.,Rhetoric protest,And claiming that Luofu is a Chinese territory,Holy invasive。
So this dragon,Sheah,The strong people such as Tuanzi have come.。
Heard this voice,Both people, god, and others, etc.。
Robu,Liu Sheng sword,Jinshan Emperor and other four people are crazy,Each shot accelerates,Crazy attacking nine stone pillars,After all, Jinshan Emperor and others are still very far away.,Need time to come。
Once open,They directly use the things in the martial arts to control the things in the control.。
The horrible blasting sound is fried in the void。
The rays on the nine stone columns are getting more and more light,Inside the red clouds,This cloud is drifting。
Shi Nazegger and Dragon proud of the gods are getting closer。
The strange light on nine stone columns is getting thinner。
A dramatic explosion sound,A stunned,The horrible breath comes from the midfielding light,This horrible breath is shocked,Beyond the power of major golden level leaders。
Even if they use the soldiers,It is also fragile in front of this force.。