This eternal heart,Nature is giving me the favorite person,Also my three children’s mother,Blue Xin。”

“what”surprise!Unconvident!Even Look at the reporter will,There are some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Now,I can’t hold anything.。
Ning Feifei also looked at Blue Xin。
The attention of the reporters is full of unbelievable,Whether it is a journalist or a mask with a screen?,I suddenly not calm down at this moment.。
Have to say,There is a relationship between Blue Xin and Lu Haocheng,Everyone is now nothing.。
But,To say he is the father of three children,This makes all people unbelievable。
Especially Lin Zikai,Lu Haokai,Gu Anan。
The look of the three people are calm than anyone.。
“how is this possible?”
Lin Zikai died in the fist,Biting teeth,The eyes are angry and have to be high.。
But look at Lu Hao Cheng’s serious gaze,Not like kidding。
Lu Haokai’s face is more gloomy and terrible,He finally understood,Why did my mother called him??
I am afraid that my mother knows some things he don’t know.。
After a female reporter reacted,Excitement:“Continental,Just now, you can say it again.。
Today is online,Blue Xin’s three children,Because of7Year ago,Peaceful Wang’s Wang,After one night, I left three children.”It’s just that the reporter has not finished.,Lu Haochong is cold and gloomy eyes to her,A suppression,Let the female reporter instantly can’t be closed.。
Lu Haocheng gazing sharply looked at everyone,A reporter looks at him nervous,The whole game is not autonomous under his coldness,Not from home 。
“Everyone is tall,Blue Xin’s three children,It is my Lu Haoheng biological flesh.。
That Wang,For your own interests,Dare to do this to smear my mother’s mother,I will pursue this thing.。”
He is powerful,Silent scene,Incomputory in everyone’s ear,After saying this sentence,In the case of the public reporters have not returned to God,He left the scene,Leave only a touch of back。
And the main screen,After seeing this scene,The whole person trembles。
In the river,No one can sin Lu Haozheng。
Sin, his end,How will consequences??
In the industry,He is very clear,He should not talk to his face。
“Do not,impossible,impossible。”
Lu Haokai shakes his head in an unbelievable,How can there be such a smart?
Seven years ago,That night, he chatted with Wang and Wang.,Although the Wang always said,The words are talking about her and blue.。
How to turn your eyes,Will make him solemn。
Gu Ai’an is not credible to watch the eye-catching man in the screen.,When he admitted that he was the father of three children in front of everyone,That kind of happiness,She has never seen it.。
“But,The three children really will be a child of Lu Hao Cheng??”
Even Lu Haozheng personally said,She doesn’t believe it。
Lin Zishi biting his teeth answer:“Even not his child,But from his mouth,Who dares to question??”
Lu Haokai smiled:“How is it from his mouth??