Chen Feng secretly scolded a girl,He quickly connected to the phone。Fang on the phone asked quietly:“Have you come out of the courtyard?”

“what happened?Where did you Sao Niang go?,I’m so uncomfortable”Chen Feng ignored his brother,Scold。
Afang smiled and said:“My sister’s residence in West Street,Or you come over。I know why you are so awesome all at once,So you took the medicine”Afang said,Just smile。
“You go to uncle,South Street for a while,West Street for a while。Say place”Chen Feng was so angry。He can’t wait to eat this woman raw,To put it bluntly, she caused the trouble,Almost finished playing just now,Fortunately I ran into an acquaintance。But he can’t remember this bald head。
“West Market Street178number6On the right side of the third floor of the building“A Fang hung up the phone。
Aniu followed Chen Feng,He said quickly:“Big brother,This place only takes ten minutes by taxi,If you really want to go,Let me drive you!”
“No need to,Let everyone go quickly!You stop me a car on the side of the road”Chen Feng said,Squatted uncomfortably on the side of the road。Okay,He just came down the car。
The place Afang said is not far away,But for Chen Feng at this time,It’s farther than going to Xitian。He finally got to the third floor,Just knocked on the door,The door opened。At the door stood a very sexy woman,This woman looks even more beautiful than A Fang。
“Are you Feng brother!Come in soon”Woman talking,Reached out and pulled Chen Feng in。This is a two-bedroom building,The layout inside is still neat。
Chen Feng took a look at the situation in the room,Asked a little anxiously:“Where’s Afang?”
“She is taking a bath,Brother Feng will sit down and have a cup of tea,She’ll be out in a while。I am her good sister,You can call me Aling”Woman with a seductive smile,Her eyes kept looking at Chen Feng’s expression。
Chen Feng, who was hot in the bath, really hated the woman who sold him medicine。How long has it been,Why is it so uncomfortable,I knew this,He doesn’t love this sin anymore。
A Ling glanced at Chen Feng,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Did you take any medicine?!it does not matter,Let me help you,I still have some experience in this area”A Ling said,Reaching for Chen Feng and walking towards the bedroom。Chen Feng is a bit at a loss,Even though he is a slutty ghost,But after all…
First1992chapter Unexpected
More than half an hour later,Chen Feng hugged A Ling and walked out of the bedroom。He just feels weak,The momentum in the body has long been gone。A Zhen, this woman really has the means,Chen Feng can really enjoy him。
“Feng Ge!Comfortable this time?”Afa on the sofa gave a smirk。Chen Feng just understood,It turned out that Afang deliberately avoided him,Let Aling solve the problem for him。Since this woman is so generous,He doesn’t care about it。
When I saw a woman,Chen Feng forgot his surname。He completely forgot what his brother Chen Jiang confessed to him.。
He went out in the afternoon,Played until ten o’clock in the evening,Bring A Ling and A Fang out to eat supper。
Chen Feng relied on having two money in hand,Can’t see it in general。Besides, I brought two women around,He is a bit show off。Deliberately took these two women to eat seafood。