Anxious moment,He feels that it is hot.,But soon disappeared.。

Originally he also felt that the other party was scared,But that moment is a strong feeling,Let him know that Li Mei’s pill is really。
“Now I can go.?”
“Um,You can go to the hospital to check it out.,I promise that I can’t find anything.,And I advise you not to move anything,After all, my fourth chair is your,And I also tell you by truth.,There are many talents in my hand.。”
I heard Li Mei said.,Nie Yang face is also a bit surprising,Some mistakes。
Soon, he also wants to understand it.。
“become,do not worry,Since I lose,Will I want to gamble,I will give you a vision tomorrow.,How about it?”
“Can,At eight o’clock tomorrow,We don’t see it.。”
Finish,Li Mei is also directly let Nie Yang goes away.。
Lu Changsheng looked at Nie Yang’s back,The eyes are also flashing with a murder。
“You feel simple to control each other with a pill.?”
“Giggle,I just have confidence to control the blood wolf within a week.,As for him,If obeyed naturally, it will not be difficult for him.,If you don’t afford, you can only be free.。”
Li Mei’s words are to let Lu Changsheng’s face look very well.。
“alright,Take this thing in these days,Lotus Village is our fundamental。”
Why is the roots of lotus village??”
Li Mei has some unexpected look at Lu Changsheng,I really don’t know why Lu Changsheng said.。
“Don’t you feel that you are stronger than now in Lotus Village??
The most critical is that there is enough practice,I doubt that Li Anti-style has any plan there.,We only need to root there,Then we will be the beneficiary。”
“Forehead,You say this, I really really,I am sleeping naturally there.,A hundred times,And just need to sleep for six hours, it’s almost enough.。”
“Um,so,We just control it here is enough.,Then slow down,After all, if you want to kill the devil, it is not a day two days.。”
Just when Li Mei discussed these things,Li Hui is also busy in the depths.。
After the cool test,I returned to the magic,And he is in the depth of the city.。
Recently, the drug aware house in his opening has encountered some resistance.,But it is all resolved by him.。
Ye Tiancheng is also full of confidence in the drug aware house.。
After all, he also saw Li Hui Feng’s medication.,That day’s account is enough to be a week before he opened.。
This is calculated,Even if it is a five-five branch of pure profit,He is still earned than before.。
I can’t help but feel this decision very reasonable.。
Ye Yen is also started to learn with Li with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng just taught what he understood.,I didn’t expect Ye Yeo, but it is more blue and better than blue.。
Even a lot of net red routines are also used by Ye Yeno.。
Looking at the drug diet in the city’s more and more fire,Li Hui Feng also feels that it is time to retreat.,After all, his main purpose is here to see if you can find Qin Ya Ya.。
Just when he is ready to give all all everything to Su Cooled,But it is found that the surrounding hotel seems to be red.。
And to promote promotion at the same time。
“Lee brother,The meals of the hotel around us seem to have price cuts.,Many people have gone around the restaurant.。”
“fine,Do we still have a lot of customers??”