Special areas for baby care

Special areas for baby care

First-time parents must have this experience. Babies are especially delicate, especially newborn babies. Sometimes they really do n’t know how to hold them. Some people do n’t even dare to move their children casually, fearing that incorrect methods may cause children ‘s physical harm.

Therefore, here are some common sense in child care.

  After the umbilical baby is born, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord and wrap it with sterile gauze, and it will be replaced naturally in about a week.

If parents bathe their children, do not immerse them in the water for too long.

In addition, if the diaper is long, it is best to fold it down at the waist to prevent the urine from spreading to the umbilicus.

  After taking a bath, disinfect the umbilical cord with alcohol cotton, and pay attention to observe whether there is redness, swelling, or special smell around the umbilical cord. If there is any abnormality, see your doctor in time.

  Eyes and eye care need to be very careful. Children are easy to carry pathogenic bacteria when they are born, especially conjunctivitis in the eyes. In addition, children also like to scratch foreign bodies with small hands, which are more likely to hurt the eyes.

Under normal circumstances, you can use warm boiling water to wash your eyes. If the conjunctiva is red, you can use eye drops 3 times a day.

If it is a scratch, it is best to cut your nails short and wear thin gloves to prevent scratching.

Eye foreign bodies can be gently rinsed with water or wiped off with a sterile cotton swab. If it is more difficult, it is best to consult a doctor to avoid injury to the cornea.

  Butt care Butt care is easy and can cause diaper dermatitis if you are not careful.

When choosing a diaper, the cloth diaper and the diaper should be replaced separately.

Basically, cloth diapers are more personal, breathable, economical and environmentally friendly. They are easy to use during the day and summer.

Diapers can be very convenient in rainy days and nights.

After having a bowel movement, wash your butt with warm water, especially children with diarrhea, and take good care of it. When you dry your skin with a towel, you should absorb the water gently instead of wiping the skin back and forth to avoid damage to the delicatePerineal and perianal skin.

  Some parents often forget to change when using diapers, especially when using paper diapers, they think that paper diapers have good water absorption and it is okay to replace them, but diaper rash often occurs in these babies.

The solution is to work hard and keep the area dry.

Always bask in the sun to kill bacteria.

In addition, just after the child changes the diaper or just after it is convenient, let the buttocks air naturally for a while, and don’t wrap them immediately.

  When bathing your ears with your child, try to avoid bath water flowing into the external auditory canal. If you accidentally flow in, you can turn your child’s head to one side, which is good for water exchange. Also, wipe the water gently with a cotton swab, but do not insertInto the external ear canal.

When catching a cold, you should also be careful if your child has ear discomfort, secretions or special odors.

If your child keeps scratching her ears, be careful of otitis media.

  Keep your mouth clean, especially after you eat warm water. Do n’t leave food residue in your mouth.

If white secretions appear in the mouth, you may have thrush and need to use antifungal drugs, purple potions and other antifungals.

Normally, children can be properly supplemented with vitamins to maintain the integrity of the oral mucosa and prevent stomatitis.

  Dandruff often has a layer of yellow-brown, fish scale-like dirt on the scalp, which is very unsightly.

Parents used to pull them out or apply herbs externally, which are very dangerous, especially near the forebrain, which is very dangerous. The author has seen a patient who caused a brain infection because of this. In the end, the child became bacterial.Meningitis, paralysis of the limbs.

The correct way is to soften with vegetable oil, which will gradually replace naturally.

Generally, the baby’s scalp is clean by about 6 months.

  The younger the baby, the more trouble it takes to take care of it. You should follow the instructions of doctors and experts in all aspects of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. You cannot fully listen to the word of mouth experience. Otherwise, it is not just the hard work of the parents.Babies can also be affected.

  No matter how much preparation is made in advance, when a baby is born, there will still be a lot of questions that seem to be ordinary but have no correct answer, so that parents do n’t know what to do. The 0-year-old baby unit summarizes the baby ‘s diet and sleep.Illness, cleanliness . There are 20 common baby-raising wastes. Ask senior pediatrician He Qisheng to give parents confidence in taking care of their babies.


Should you wrap your baby’s hands and feet?

  The Chinese are used to packing babies in a dense and dense manner. They think that their babies are more secure and will not be frightened by their body reflex actions. However, Western parents like to let their babies move freely, and the brakes promote their physical development.Should the baby’s hands and feet be wrapped up?

  Positive solution newborns are not yet able to fully control their hands and feet. They often have shock reflex actions due to broken bodies or some sudden sounds, and they are easy to wake up from sleep.

Wrapping his hands and feet will allow him to relive the sense of security in his mother ‘s body, slowly adapt to the external environment, and also help the baby to maintain his body temperature. Therefore, doctors recommend that babies before the full moon are best to use their hands and feet when they are sleeping.Wrap it up. After two months, your baby will want to explore the outside.


How much does a baby have to wear to stay cold?  There is a saying in the south: “Baby has no June days”, which means that the baby is afraid of cold and not hot.

Therefore, in order to prevent the baby from catching a cold, father and mother are desperately adding clothes to their children and wrapping them like little bitches. However, in contrast to Europe, Japan, and other countries, even in the cold weather, the baby does not wear much. This is the parents of the new generationThe distribution of “how much baby should wear so as not to catch cold” is produced.

  The positive metabolism of infants is faster than that of adults, so they are also more afraid of heat. Of course, they should wear warmer in winter, but in hot weather, wearing too much will make the baby uncomfortable, and his body temperature is easily affected by the outside world., So when you dress him, you must pay more attention to the changes in the environment.

Generally speaking, adults feel cold and need to wear one more when they have to wear it for a long time; adults feel hot and must wear one more when they need to wear less, and wear one more at night than during the day.


Should the baby hold him when he is crying?

  Novice parents are most afraid of hearing the baby cry. First, they are reluctant. Second, they are afraid of making noise to their neighbors. So when the baby cries, they quickly hug him. But once, the smart baby immediately finds that “crying” is to attract adults.The most effective way to hug him becomes a habit, which can exhaust the inexperienced parents. It is a dilemma between hug and not hug. The mother-in-law and mother in the family will intervene to intervene, and the problem is more complicated.Already.

  Correcting crying is a natural instinct reaction. Babies cry for many reasons, including: diapers are wet, they are hungry, they want to sleep or are sick . Parents should check first. If these factorsIt ‘s all ruled out. If the baby still cries, it means that he may be insecure or want to get the attention of adults. At this time, you should talk to him first to soothe his emotions. If it still does n’t work, hold him up.In case mothers are too busy to hold him right away and make him cry for a while, it is okay.


Can I shake my baby?

  Many people have experience. When the baby is noisy, just shake him to get temporary tranquility. Some babies even have to shake by adults to fall asleep. Others think that shaking the baby vigorously will cause brain organ damage and shake the baby.Is there really such a danger?

How to shake it to be correct?

  Positive solution babies like to be shaken, but they may feel uneasy, lethargy, drooling, weak limbs, cramps, torsion, vomiting, accelerated breathing, decreased body temperature (slow heartbeat) and other symptoms due to excessive force. In severe cases, evenComa and death, this is the so-called baby shake syndrome, mainly because the baby’s head is heavier (25% of the total body weight), and the brain’s water content increases, and the skeletal sheath is immature.His gravity support is not enough. When he is shaken, his brain is apt to be oppressed and distorted. Therefore, when the doctor looks at him, when the parent wants to shake the baby, he can only shake it back and forth, left and right, cannot rotate, shake up and down, or change suddenly.In addition, similar shaking movements will cause the same danger (throw the baby into the air repeatedly, shake the baby on the shoulders, shake the baby on the adult’s legs, allow the baby to rotate, etc.), and try to avoid it as much as possible.


How long is it normal for my baby to sleep?

  Parents who have just had a baby almost always join the panda tribe, because the baby seems to wake up after not sleeping long, or sleeps vigorously during the day, and is 100 times more energetic at night, so the daily life of the parents is chaotic, tired and nervous.Confused parents cannot help asking: How long is it normal for a baby to sleep?

What can we do to let the baby match the adult’s schedule, sunrise and sunset?

  Zheng Xie ‘s newborn baby sleeps nearly 20 hours a day, 1?
3-month-old babies sleep 15?

5 hours . After getting older, the baby’s sleep time will become shorter and shorter, but because the baby’s sleep awakening cycle alternates, the number of waking up at night will increase, meanwhile, the voltage is in the mother’s body and there is no daytimeThe difference in the night, after the birth can not adapt to the way of adults to “day activities, sleep at night”, there will be a “day and night upside down” form.

The way to improve is not to let your baby sleep too much during the day (especially after dusk), try to make him play, give him proper exercise, and it ‘s time to drink. If he is still asleep, wake him up and wait until he goes to sleepBefore taking a warm bath for your baby, it is easier for him to fall asleep.