Furniture is your fitness equipment

Furniture is your fitness equipment

Core tip: As long as it can be used scientifically and effectively, furniture is the best fitness equipment, which saves you time and money.

Here are some tips for you to take advantage of the small fitness exercises.

  Ability to work daily, no time to go to the gym.

Today, office workers are very nervous, and squeezing a little time to work out has become a luxury.

So many people want to change the fitness place at home, but suffer from the lack of fitness equipment, and the space at home is not enough.

In fact, as long as it can be used scientifically and effectively, furniture is the best fitness equipment, which saves you time and money.

Here are some tips for you to take advantage of the small fitness exercises.
  Act I: The wall helps us with a wall or a tall, solid wardrobe or a closed door.

  Caress the wall: Put your feet side by side, lift your hands and shoulders wide and place it on the wall surface, the body and the wall form a 45-degree angle.

The upper body slowly moved closer to the air, pulled away from the top, and gradually pasted all over the wall.

During the movement, the shoulder may have a sore sensation. Practice it appropriately according to your personal situation.

  Time: 1 minute.

  Efficacy points: Enhance the flexibility of the upper body, exercise the shoulder joints, abdomen and lower back.

  Act II: Except the bed, we spend most of our time reading on the sofa, watching TV, chatting, dozing off, and we can move around in a place that makes us most lazy.

  Lie flat: Lie on the sofa with your legs bent and your feet flat.

Raise the left leg, pull the left leg with both hands, and pull the left leg as hard as possible. If it is good, you can pull the left leg parallel to the body, and exercise appropriately according to personal circumstances.

  Time: 1 minute.
  Efficacy: Can exercise thighs, calves, ankles and abdomen.

  Lie up: Lie flat on the ground in front of the sofa, with your calf flat on the sofa and straight forward.

The chest is the axis, using the strength of the abdominal muscles, lift the body, go forward to reach the foot slightly, and repeat.

  Time: 1 minute.
  Efficacy point: exercise the abdomen.

  Backrest: Sit on the ground around the corner of the sofa, lean back against the sofa, rest on the sofa slightly comfortably, bend your knees, straighten your legs, and point your toes.

The back is tightened, contracted and stretched, with the toes pointing up.

You can also do it on the sofa.

  Time: 1 minute.
  Efficacy: Tighten the abdomen and stretch the knee joint.

  Act III: Bed We spend the rest of our lives in bed. In addition to sleeping, we can also exercise with dear bed.

  Making the bed: What action did you use to make the bed?

Try this now: lay on your back with your upper body on your back and slowly stroke your hands on the bed in a breaststroke, trying to step on your limbs.

  Time: 30 times a minute, breathing deeply during the movement.

  Efficacy: Stretch shoulders and upper arms.

  Lie on your side: Stand side by side on the bed, keep a distance of 20 cm from the bed, cross your left and right feet, and use the waist joint as the axis.

Go on the left and right side.

  Time: 1 minute.
  Efficacy: contraction of the external oblique muscles, producing a thin waist effect.

  Push the bed: Make sure you can’t push the bed before pushing.

Then start: support the bed with both hands, legs close together, with the waist joint as the axis, the upper and lower bodies are at right angles, the center of gravity is forward, the legs are in small lunges, and the left and right legs are exchanged.  Time: 1 minute.
(“Pushing bed” type can be individually strengthened, 20?
30 times, repeat 2?
3 sets to create perfect lower body lines.

) Effective point: Contract thigh muscles, raise hips, and lengthen calf muscles.

  Lie flat: The upper body lies on the bed, the back is outside the edge of the bed, your legs are raised and stretched, your feet are against the wall (or placed on a support such as a chair, the height is the same as the bed), exhaling your legs straight.Exercising the abs, tighten your hips, inhale and relax.

  Time: 1 minute.
  Benefits: Tighten thighs, hips and abdominal muscles.

  Act 4: Chair swinging legs: Find a wooden or hard plastic chair, keep your upper body upright, hold your hands on the chair, lift one foot on the ground, lift the other foot and tighten your toes, use your thighs and abdomenThe muscles move the legs up and down.

When practicing, be careful not to bend your knees, and keep the center of gravity at the center of the chair to prevent the chair from tipping.

  Time: 1 minute.
18 times as a group, do 2?
3 groups.

) Effectiveness: It can exercise leg muscles and abdominal muscles.

At the same time, it can enhance the body’s ability to balance.

  Act 5: Stomp the cabinet: During practice, face the cabinet subdivided, with your feet apart and shoulder width.

Straighten your hands and stick them to the cabinet.

Heel lifted, toes touched the ground.

When the heel reaches its highest point, slowly lower it, then lift it up again.

When exercising, keep your body balanced. The center of gravity should be on the forefoot instead of pressing your body on the cabinet.

  Time: 1 minute.
18 times as a group, can do 2 every day?
3 groups.

) Effective point: It can effectively alleviate the soreness of the recovered joint muscles, and can also prevent the occurrence of twisted feet when walking.

  Tips: When using the furniture to exercise, avoid using glass-enclosed furniture and keep it away from TVs, refrigerators and other electrical appliances, so as to avoid danger when you touch these electrical appliances during exercise.