“I forget,Mine is these few days,”Xiao Wu smiled,Zhao Ming couldn’t stand his gentle appearance anymore。

“I love you。”Zhao Ming gently hugged Xiao Wu’s delicate body,Nothing else。
Lake of life,Tonight is destined to be another sleepless night。
Not just Xiao Wu and Zhao Ming。
Even the other beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest,Can’t sleep either。
because,Their star forest,There will be two masters from today。Their soul beast family will surely regain their glory。
early morning,
The morning sun shines on Yazuli by the lake,
Zhao Ming wakes up slowly,Xiao Wu is still asleep in her arms,The delicate eyes closed like a sleeping princess。
Zhao Ming smiled,No idea of getting up。
With such a gentle and beautiful girl by her side,Even if it’s just holding,do nothing,That is also a great enjoyment。How could he be willing?
Feel the softness in my arms,Use your feet to hook up the silk quilt that they kicked to the foot of the bed,Cover Xiao Wu。
But just built it for her,Xiao Wu woke up。
“Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”Zhao Ming holds Xiao Wu,Said softly。
“Can’t sleep。”Xiao Wu smiled,Showing two dimples。
“Why can’t you sleep。I think you seem to be very tired now。”Zhao Ming looked at Xiao Wu’s beautiful big eyes,It seems a little dark at this time,Obviously didn’t rest well。