Early next morning。
The sunlight came mottled into the room from the window through the gap of the curtain。
Lu Ban opened his eyes。
Vaguely heard something outside。
He opened the door of the room,I saw Kong Xi cleaning the table,Today’s breakfast is on the table。
Sit down and start to eat breakfast。
Kong Xi just gave him a blank look,Didn’t say anything,After all, I’m used to Lu Ban’s problem that he doesn’t brush his teeth and wash his face and just pinch the bun and stuff it into his mouth.。
Ban Lu turned on his phone while eating。
I saw Gu Qiao’s message at first sight,Casually returned oneokPast。
“Your sister said to come back the day after tomorrow,do you know?”He asked Kong Xi。
Kong Xi pushed the milk in front of him,Urn sound:“do not know,I’m not her boyfriend。”
Since Lu Ban and Gu Qiao fell in love,She obviously feels out of favor。