then,He explained:“Maybe because of kindness!As kind,She didn’t hurt me deliberately。

And me too,Didn’t hurt her。
Reasons for breaking up,Just because of helplessness,Anyway,We all live in reality,Can’t get around the worldly society。
There is no right or wrong,Everyone has the right to pursue life。
No need to blame others for their pursuit of vulgarity,How much can anyone say?
Pursue love first,Give up everything for love,Isn’t it vulgar??
Men pursue beauty,Pursue success,Can be said to be very vulgar。
so,After breaking up,Why should there be any resentment?!”
Qin Xiaomi looked at Lin Dong,I didn’t expect this guy to do everything,Confused her。
Is she here to listen to this?
What a mess?
You two are still in love,Just say the rest,Need to say so much?