Eye Eye, established an old flower white endicapper promotes precision clinics

People’s Network Changsha on October 21st my country Elderly 60 years old, the incidence of cataract is 80%, while the incidence of old anthropical eyes is close to 100%, more than 80% of 60 years old, older people are suffering from older eyes and cataract Harass.

On October 20th, Irocycloth was officially released in Shenyang. The clinic aims to further promote accurate medical treatment, precise diagnosis and treatment, while saving the patient’s medical cost and time, providing more preciseness for the majority of elderly patients Diagnosis and treatment services, while solving cataract problems, also solves the problem of old spectacles, so that the elderly can enjoy HD vision, embrace high-quality life. Studies have shown that good vision is a key factor in people’s independence and active life. Most of the vision damage has a daily activities. Whether it is reading newspaper, use electronic products, travel, or even daily life will be affected influence. In addition, poor vision reduces the stability of various postures in the life of the elderly, greatly increasing the risk of falling and fractures, decline in vision, blurred vision is one of the important physical factors of the elderly. At the same time, poor vision will also hinder the social activities of the elderly, or exacerbate depression, social autism. Professor Zhang Jinsong, a head of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmologist Branch, and the Legend of the Irida Hospital Group, President Zhang Jinsong, pointed out that most of the older and old cataracts were caused by human function.

Old anthram is mainly the phenomenon of lens hardening, elasticity, decrease in ciliary muscle contraction, and difficulty in reading or working. Corruption is mainly symptoms such as turbidity, blur, heavy shadow, glare, and glare. Zhang Jinsong said: "In fact, most of the vision damage can be avoided or treated, such as cataract and old eyes, can be solved by surgery, re-have clear vision, enjoy elderly life.

"Zhang Ayi, 67-year-old this year, is a retired teacher. Because she has a highly eye-catching and older eyes, in order to meet their own eye needs, she needs to carry multiple glasses with them, watching the old flower mirror, seeing the long time Myopia mirror. Her vision is even more and more, and gradually develops to the dimming conditions of light. It can’t even see it.

After the Shenyang Ir Episoconics Hospital, General Works, Deputy CPC, Liaoning Province, made a personalized and white catrication operation suitable for her eyes, and solved the old anthropical eye while treating cataract. Myopia, no matter how long it is idle, it is usually launched, or watching TV at home, or watching TV at home, it can be seen very clear, no longer have to change glasses, and you can enjoy a clear world. Zhou Diwen pointed out that the elderly can not take rid of the glasses as long as they do cataract surgery, and they have clear vision. "We have three different distances, the first is long-distance vision, such as driving or watching TV. The second is the visual acuity of the medium distance, such as using a computer.

The third is close-distance vision, such as reading or watching a mobile phone.

The above needs traditional cataract surgery may not be able to solve all. At the same time, the current old white caver’s internal barrier is solved while solving the patient’s cataract problems, it can also solve the patient’s old flower problem, helping the elderly to have a clear vision and achieve denseness.

"With the continuous development of technology, cataract surgery is constantly iterative, developed from the previous traditional anti-blind cataract surgery to the current refractive cataract surgery, including old white calender surgery designed for different patients, cataract surgery, high myopia Cataract surgery, etc.

Joshuafrenkel, the Ophthalmology, USA WangvisionStitute Clinic, is pointed out that refractive cataract surgery has been very mature in the United States and is widely recognized and selected by patients. Zhou Diwen introduced that "Old flowers and cataract as a surgical way to solve two visually plaguing, which can simultaneously solve old flowers and cataracts, has gradually become more Chinese patient options.

Old flowers and cataract not only remove the turbid lens, but also through surgery to recover or reshape the eye’s good refractive state, on the basis of excluding the risk of cataract blindness, one helps patients solve the dicholiness of old flowers, but Full-visual visual acuity that can be seen from the middle of the time.

"The application of femtosecond laser technology, thoroughly changed the traditional way of cataract surgery for a long time, for surgery, postoperative recovery provides more protection.

It is reported that the Eye Ophthalmology will start the old flowers in the national 12 cities, and gradually expand to 200 cities, so that the old flowers and white cars are more convenient, clinic registration and treatment are more accurate, enjoy high quality medical services faster, Enjoy the high-definition quality for the elderly to escort. (Peng Mengting) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing Let more people see client download.